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Binary Worrier
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Congratulations! Twins, and girls . . . WOW. My Son completed his first year on October 2nd just gone. I've tried to explain parenting to my single friends like this, "You are aware of the price you're going to have to pay before you pay it, sleepless nights, constant worry, no personal time, etc . . . however the REALITY of the price you pay is staggering! Constant exhaustion, literally ZERO time for yourself, high blood pressure form constant dread that they are ok, will be ok, still ok . . . still ok even now ..." I'm a dyed in the wool Athiest, and even I find myself praying - to the spirit and memory of my mother - to watch over and protect my little Son. I feel not a shred of discomfort from the cognitive dissonance of this juxtaposition of beliefs, that's what kids will do to you :) Dude, twins, like WOW BTW: Boys are best, except for girls, girls are best too.
Toggle Commented Oct 24, 2011 on On Parenthood at Coding Horror
"I don't care if anyone reads what I write here" reminded me so much of this exchange that I laughed out loud (literally not just, lol) Brian: I am NOT the Messiah! Arthur: I say you are Lord, and I should know. I've followed a few.
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Jul 27, 2011