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Linda, the problem is that this is limiting the work of women who feel called of God in this area. When the early church started work among the Gentiles there were many who felt the way Paul was doing things was wrong. Should the church have stopped what God had called him to do because some felt his work was wrong and it was dividing the church? I rather expect when we started having men of minority background it was an adjustment for some. But with so many people to reach why should we hamstring a large part of our workforce? Friend, read what the gentlemen have posted here. Look at the work being done in China. Let us set aside our feelings and look at what our scholars (men, by the way) are telling us. I am not asking you to do this yourself (unless God has convicted you that you should) but to accept the possibility others of us are called of God to things you are not. Just as you felt a woman's perspective would be helpful here, I feel a woman's perspective is helpful in leadership situations. In fact if we had more local women elders, maybe women would come to us for counsel instead of men and reduce the potential for trouble between counselor and counselee. This is not about Doug Batchlor. This is about the world church that needs to enlist everyone it can to finish the work. I ask that our church not throw away the gifts God has sent us because they are sent in the vessels of women. I have been knocking around this church for 60 years. I would love to see my grandchildren raised in heaven. Maybe if we would unleash the rest of our work force we could go home.
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Apr 17, 2010