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When I saw your Twitter comment I didn't draw any comment, I figured you where making some sort of point and awaited further info, and here it is. I only got to go to college (what you would call community college) and had to work my arse off because an illness robbed me of several years of high school education. But I found it enjoyable and got decent jobs despite the setbacks, but only because I grafted for it. I've had friends who've been to university and did well from it, but they had to work for it. And yes, I've had friends like those you describe, moaning that they earned minimum wage in dead end jobs because they where not qualified or anything else. They pissed away their time in college, wasted years thinking nothing would get any worse and are now bitching and whining that it has. I think more than a few of us understand what you felt at that moment, I've spent whole nights at the pub listening to it. I could be worse Mr Wheaton, you could be forced to listen to it during your leisure time.
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Nov 10, 2010