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I examined this issue when I got my Surface RT and saw that Microsoft left a lot of unnecessary stuff in Windows RT that hurts battery life. A clean boot of the OS shows that over 700 threads are running. Some of these threads wake up constantly and touch the disk. The two main culprits seem to be a process which makes sure that the Windows system files are not corrupted and another which checks some other type of security. If a Surface RT had a disk activity light, you would see it blink constantly even with no user or network activity. These should be unnecessary since the file system is now locked down and malware can't write over the system files. Microsoft needs to fix this issues if they really want to compete with the other tablet vendors.
I guess I should have added more detail. I'm not saying that environment doesn't play a part, and I'm not talking about tantrums - those are learned. I'm saying that the genetic component seems to have a much stronger influence on a child's personality and the way they interact with the world. I have a child that is at peace with the world in all situations and another who gets extremely annoyed at everything (e.g. hair touching her face). One of my children is calm and focused and another can't sit still. These are built-in and are visible at a very early age. It may be possible to "train-out" some negative behaviors, but I firmly believe that their personalities are "built-in".
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"The difference between a child who freaks out at the slightest breeze, and a child who can confidently navigate an unfamiliar world? The parents. " Sorry Jeff, but this is not true. I have 4 kids and all were raised in basically the same environment. A child's reaction to the world and attitude/personality are almost entirely genetically programmed. When you have more kids you will discover this too.
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I would say it's more evolution than revolution. My parents, your parents, are not texting, don't spend time on youtube, and don't read DIGG. When the majority of the population participates, then you can call it a revolution.
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I grew up in the era of video arcades and still like to play many of the classics, but I never owned a console system. Only now am I starting to appreciate some of the great games for the GBC, Genesis, and TG16 (sorry the NES is pretty lame).
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I can relate to the moment of "escape to bachelor land" when the wife and kids are away. Unfortunately those are the moments when I need to work, but the bad boy in me wants to watch a movie and kick back.
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iTunes is a neat idea and the iPod device is well executed. I use the iPod all the time, but I haven't purchased a single song from iTunes and I never will. Why would I spend good money on low quality audio and video crippled with DRM when I can go to Amazon and buy used CD's for $2-$10? I get high quality recordings that allow me the freedom to do what I want with my music. The "fix" for iTunes is to remove the DRM and offer full fidelity recordings. P.S. Wil - it sounds like you're doing just fine and I agree with another poster that running close to deadlines tends to focus your creative energy better than most other incentives.
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