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Hi Bruce, thanks for the quick review of the Forrester Report. Having worked with some of the world's largest brands (Vodafone, British Airways, British Telecom, Transport for London)with only one exception I always had better IT at home than I had in the office. Vodafone shone above all this by providing staff with the right tech to do their work and a clear understanding that the IT department was there not only to help their customer-facing IT work, but to assist staff to be as productive as possible. They did a stunning job. There's a constant battle between corporate brand and personal brand (witness the battles over who owns twitter followers after an employee leaves)and holding data on BYOT is a headache ever CTO will be suffering right now. A colleague gave me a great piece of advice early on in my career. Assume everyone knows everything you have in the notebooks and paper on your desk, and everything you have on your PC. It's a pretty safe place to start. Chris Markham - @BizfixUK
Toggle Commented Sep 8, 2012 on BYOT - Taking Flight at The Cloud
Hey it’s tough for us like-to-stand-in-meeting types. I think better when I’m on my feet, I make most of my phone calls walking around the office (hands-free helps) and if I can’t doodle on a whiteboard occasionally or even gaze out the window my thinking slows down. What this looks like to the untrained eye is that we like-to-stand-in-meeting types are somehow not concentrating, or not taking the meeting seriously. Seriously if you find me sitting stock still looking like I’m paying rapt attention I’m probably being less efficient than if you could embrace my walking round while I talk to you approach. Am I alone in this predilection?
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Apr 4, 2012