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Favorite places: Home, Oregon Coast, Bermuda Triangle with spotted dolphins.
Body-Centered Psychotherapist. Lives in Boulder, Colorado with her beloved lovely partner and 2 children.
Interests: community, singing, spirit, sweetness, i'm interested in a joy filled life filled with music, and connection with friends, family and pets. i enjoy my life's work counseling and mentoring individuals, couples and family for their self transformation and consciousness. i'm a core faculty member of the boulder center for conscious living, and a founding member of sound circle, a women's a cappella ensemble. born and raised on long island, and transplanted to colorado 31 years ago. big interests: travel, the sanctuary of my home and garden, my delightful partner, our kids...and being all the way in my big life - wide awake.
Recent Activity
Hmm, the heat's turned on for the first time this season. It's not even officially autumn yet. The sky is gray with a chill in the air. Did you ever have the sense that you could smell the snow on its way? I thought I might today. No, not quite yet. Today I longed to linger under the covers with a good book and my cat beside me. But work drew me out. I wanted to remain inward, inside, all in. This is a time when the seasons transition, the weather shifts, and the energetics of the external elements invite... Continue reading
Posted Sep 21, 2009 at My Blog
So if I write about only this moment, then I can say that I feel in a sweet state of calm, breathing deeply, Porter- the golden doodle sleeping beside me. I hear the call of a king fisher out back. The morning has been gray only until a minute ago, when light broke through and lit up the foliage out back. This is today's meditation, and one of my favorite ways to drop in, to BE IN most of my days. I refrain from the report of the mundane happs of my busy family life. Yes, the mundane is also... Continue reading
Posted Sep 16, 2009 at My Blog
It's a rainy, chilly day in Boulder, with a sure whiff of Autumn in the air. My love and I have just returned from the sacred sanctuary of the natural world near Allenspark. We joined in circle there with a community of students, friends, loves, and strangers to a man named David LaChapelle. He was a beloved spiritual teacher of so many for decades. We celebrated him through this memorial on land he knew and on which he'd done vision quests. Rain came down. We chanted, and laughed and cried. We told stories and sent blessing and appreciation up to... Continue reading
Posted Sep 12, 2009 at My Blog
Where was I this morning when I remembered? I was moving about my kitchen getting the kids fed and ready for their day. I stopped and breathed when, mid-sentence, I landed on what day it was - September 11th. I caught myself, stopped pouring the smoothie, and took a deep breath. "Oh, today is an anniversary, a hard one," I said out loud. Naturally, my two step children were curious. Both of them asked what was this anniversary. I gave them the gentlest explanation I could through the sadness in my chest. The understood and were tender in their listening.... Continue reading
Posted Sep 11, 2009 at My Blog