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OH man, now PAX east? really bummed!!! Missed you at wootstock in NY now this
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When I was a kid we had a german shepherd who pulled a pan of frozen Lasagna off the table and ate about half of it...Frozen! You couldn't leave anything out with him.. he was a real chow hound
Toggle Commented Feb 27, 2009 on from the vault: my awesome dog at WWdN: In Exile
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While I was reading this I was thinking how I used to come home on summer night and watch the end of the Yankees games with my father. He taught me about baseball. I knew the basics but I learned things like what the in-field fly rule was and why it makes sense. I teasure those times because it was time that was just me & my dad. Being the youngest of six these were probably the only times we spent that were just he & I. To this day, although I am a Met fan... I cannot hate the Yankees, they are too important to the relationship I have with my dad. I am 45 and those memories from late 1970's are still precious to me. I am sure those memories you & your sons have together will be the same
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Congrats, Could one of the announcements have to do with an interview you were supposed to do with Major Nelson?
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