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lebron james is a 6ft 8in toddler. lebron and dwade kills me saying that people want to see them fail, but thats a pressure that they put on themselves, they are the ones that brag last summer about how they felt sorry for whoever was going to have to guard them, they totally disrespected the boston celtics who were the Eastern Conference champs, they are the ones who came together as if they were going to take over the league as if they were the mob, now that, that didnt happen its everybody else fault, well guess what lebron, you fell down just like you did last year with cleveland, and you cant blame the coach, you cant say you didnt have any help, you cant blame the league, take a look at the man in the mirror! shout out to the dallas mavericks for taking their talents to south beach, and lebron james and dwade, you know the rule "HANDS DOWN, MAN DOWN"!
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i think that this is a good post, it kills me how everybody can give an oppinion from the sideline, we dont know exactly what rondo is going thru, whatever it is it's SOMETHING, and its true he didnt have the luxury of growing up at home in private he had to grow up in the public, when you are young you think that you are invincible but the older you get realize that you are not, rondo has alot on his young shoulders, everybody is talking about he's the future, he has to satisfy the vets, teams have realized how to play him, he's going through an adjustment period. if d.rose lose in the playoffs and rondo has another good playoff season everybody will be talking about rondo again, its all media hype, d.rose is doing good right now, but do you think that he will be in the spot light forever no, even when kobe has a bad game he's called a ball hog, then when he wins the game he's the best player in the league, i have no doubt rondo will get through this, he's just got to re-ajust his game, everbody think they got a answer for him, think again, every game rondo like playing is a mind game (connect 4, cards, math) i would be willing to bet the farm that he's coming up with something as we speak! he's had more injuries this year then he has had his whole career, im sure that he's afraid to get hurt again, he's just got to get in the game and "and make it do what it do" and not think about it, just play ball like we all know he can. and last but not least, yall i have had his foot problem before and it aint no joke, rondo plays if off well, i have gotten out of bed in the middle of the night and tried to put pressure on my feet and have fallen to the floor, for that reason right there i sympathize with him, you cant have much explosivenss with this,im sure this is why he cant keep up with these guys right now, but it'll get better and everybody who had something negative to say will be eating their words! GET BETTER RONDO~
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Apr 12, 2011