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Birney Summers
Manistee Michigan
This Blog helps folks save money on their energy bills, both at home and at work.
Interests: Walking on the beach, kite flying, sailing, fly fishing for trout, model railroading, computer simulations, walking outdoors, seeing and doing new things, reading, writing, being the worlds best grandpa.
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Vent location does not change how you should run your ceiling fan. The ceiling fan should move air down during hot weather so you feel the breeze and up during cold weather so it keeps the air stirred up to equalize the temperature but minimize your feel a draft..
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One thing that is holding back solar and wind power is the need for a substitute source of electrical power when solar and wind do not produce power. Solar does not produce power at night. Wind power is not generated... Continue reading
Posted Mar 19, 2017 at ENERGY BOOMER
Solar power increased worldwide by 50 percent last year due to a new surge by the United States and China. With an increase in the amount of usable solar energy, increase in demand, and new solar technologies developed in 2016,... Continue reading
Posted Mar 18, 2017 at ENERGY BOOMER
This article is guest written by Jess Walter. She is a freelance writer and mother. She loves the freedom that comes with freelance life and the additional time it means she gets to spend with her family and pets. She... Continue reading
Posted Mar 4, 2017 at ENERGY BOOMER
By: Frank Jossi January 3, 2017 Walk around any office and it’s hard not to notice how many devices are plugged into electric outlets. Desktops routinely have two monitors, a computer and phone along with smartphones and iPads. Welcome to... Continue reading
Posted Jan 12, 2017 at ENERGY BOOMER
For many homeowners, a lush green lawn is a symbol of pride and a pleasant place to relax or play. But maintaining a green lawn will require a lot of water, and depending on where you live, there may be... Continue reading
Posted Jan 11, 2017 at ENERGY BOOMER
The new year is just starting—have you created your list of resolutions? Whether your goals are to save money, start (or continue) good habits, or lend a helping hand to others, saving energy can fit right into your goals. Find... Continue reading
Posted Jan 9, 2017 at ENERGY BOOMER
Get an evaluation by a certified energy professional (including HVAC, envelope, etc.) and make proposed improvements The best way to see how you can save energy is to find out how you are currently using energy. If you are an... Continue reading
Posted Jan 7, 2017 at ENERGY BOOMER
Comfort and energy in buildings have this cozy relationship. When building designs and systems keep people comfortable, they often also save energy and vice versa. In 2016, we saw smart technologies for homes and offices layer in more ways to... Continue reading
Posted Jan 6, 2017 at ENERGY BOOMER
THE WOODLANDS, Texas – Wet weather and cold air are rolling through southeast Texas just in time for the holidays. As you break out your coat and gloves, there’s no time like the present to implement helpful energy-saving tips so... Continue reading
Posted Jan 5, 2017 at ENERGY BOOMER
Finland-headquartered marine propulsion giant Wärtsilä, says its EnergoProFin is ‘a state-of-the-art energy saving solution that increases propeller efficiency and creates fuel savings of up to five percent’. The solution is now available for both controllable pitch propellers (CPP) as well as fixed pitch propellers (FPP), yielding the same results in both propeller options. Continue reading
Posted Jan 4, 2017 at ENERGY BOOMER
Thomas Content , Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Onalaska — The greenest companies in Wisconsin this year are a varied mix, from large manufacturers and multinationals to small consulting firms and even a laser tag and game center on Milwaukee's south side.... Continue reading
Posted Jan 3, 2017 at ENERGY BOOMER
The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that homeowners typically spend about $2,000 every year on their energy bills. We’ve put together a series of posts that will show you how to save energy in your home, room-by-room. Today, we’re providing... Continue reading
Posted Dec 30, 2016 at ENERGY BOOMER
The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that homeowners typically spend about $2,000 every year on their energy bills. We’ve put together a series of posts that will show you how to save energy in your home, room-by-room. Let’s start with... Continue reading
Posted Dec 29, 2016 at ENERGY BOOMER
While exploring the atomic-level forces at play in a new type of computer chip, researchers found an energy-saving surprise that could translate into longer battery life for next-generation mobile devices. By Tom Abate Scientists often discover interesting things without completely... Continue reading
Posted Dec 27, 2016 at ENERGY BOOMER
Bedtime Tips Dial your thermostat back while you sleep. By properly adjusting your home’s temperature at night, and again during the day when you’re out of the house, you can save $180/year on energy bills. Check out these programmable thermostat... Continue reading
Posted Dec 23, 2016 at ENERGY BOOMER
BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Christmas lights and holiday decorations are starting to glow around B/CS, but that can mean more money on your utility bill. There are some ways to save this holiday season. It's easy to see it's Christmas... Continue reading
Posted Dec 21, 2016 at ENERGY BOOMER
Girl Scouts' energy-saving program influences behaviors at home. By David Appell Wednesday, November 23, 2016 Girl Scouts to the rescue! A recent study of Girl Scout troops found that young girls can get their families to save energy. Hilary Boudet... Continue reading
Posted Dec 20, 2016 at ENERGY BOOMER
By Sam Kantrow Published: November 13, 2016, It is November and the cooler weather has rolled its way into Connecticut. You probably don’t need me to tell you, but as is the case this time of year, the weather is... Continue reading
Posted Dec 19, 2016 at ENERGY BOOMER
The Energy Trust of Oregon says weatherization is one of the easiest ways to increase comfort, conserve energy and save money. By SARAH SKIDMORE SELL, AP Business Writer, Updated: November 7, 2016 3:31 pm There’s a chill in the air,... Continue reading
Posted Dec 18, 2016 at ENERGY BOOMER
By RICHARD GAST Cornell Ag Connection You arrive home after work. As you pull into the driveway, a motion sensor automatically turns on the floodlight in your dooryard. You get out of the car, walk to the house, unlock the... Continue reading
Posted Dec 17, 2016 at ENERGY BOOMER
Most, if not all, of the Michigan utility companies offer a number of services related to energy efficiency and conservation. By visiting utility company websites, homeowners and renters may be surprised to see what is offered in the spirit of... Continue reading
Posted Nov 2, 2016 at ENERGY BOOMER
In our small community we have had two destructive house fires in the last few weeks. Both fires got started at a natural gas powered clothes dryer that overheated. In one fire a woman sleeping in an upstairs bed room... Continue reading
Posted Oct 26, 2016 at ENERGY BOOMER
LANSING — Energy experts want to lower demand for electricity at peak times to help customers stay green and save money. Reducing peak demand is called peak shaving, said Sarah Mullkoff, the energy program director for the Michigan Environmental Council.... Continue reading
Posted Oct 25, 2016 at ENERGY BOOMER
The United States Constitution begins with “We the People”. It does not begin with “we the government.” The free people of this land came first. Then they formed a government. The power that the government has is a free will gift from the people. The people, of their own free... Continue reading
Posted Oct 23, 2016 at My Marine Story