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The authors of the text had been sufficiently happy when writing on what in our opinion he has importance riqussima for the Potiguaras the rescue of the Tupi language (p 204), to learn or to reaprenderem its proper language brings the primordial necessity to legitimize and to reorganize the way of if locating in the world and that they go rescuing its true identity that is the Tupi language and the aboriginals although to be trimmed to know its language, is actors in the reality of histories on the sprouting of Brazil, the lands that already existed and its first inhabitants that they had been the indians. Consideraes final on the text: All the Birds of the Sky? The Tor Potiguara. We finish our analysis detaching something sufficiently pertinent and that it reflects at the current moment, we want only with this commentary to accept the suggestion of the authors when they mention in the p (188), on a gap to be filled by new research. Our intention is of appropriating in them through research, studies, facts and arguments that still more enrich the history of the Potiguaras. We will write on the Mount Village or Regina Village located in River Tinto/PB, that fights to be recognized and respected as descending aboriginals. At this moment we can see clearly as the politics flows in this direction. The aboriginal descendants through the Funai/Funasa search for its... Continue reading
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It is said that the ingredients of Pilfood direct work to stimulate the activity of the cells in the hair follicle and promoting the growth of new hair. Improve hair strength and volume through the capillary structure repair and improvement of the surface of the cuticle. Pro-Anagex is claimed to combat the fragility and capillary weakness and strengthen and thicken hair. Does it work? Demand for manufacturers in in vitro assays were used to assess the effect of Pro-Anagex had in her hair. In an artificial environment, they say that an increase of new hair against hair loss was observed. There is no indication that has been examined and tested that have the same effect on human use practice. The details of the trial relate specifically to direct Pro-Anagex and Pilfood are unknown. .. At this time there is no way of knowing the extent of the study and the results have significant value, or if necessary. Lupinus albus main component of the Pro-Anagex, key ingredient in Pilfood DirectThe brand Pro-compuesto Anagex soy formula has not been independently tested and confirmed to have no effect on the stabilization of hair loss. Pro-Anagex is derived from a pulse cultivated in the Mediterranean region known as Lupinus albus, or Lupine white. According to Pilfood manufacturers and marketers, is an active compound rich in amino acids, vitamins and nutrients, and has powerful effects on stopping the hair loss... Continue reading
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Clothing is part of everyday life for thousands of people, some 3,000 years ago saw the first shirt its bearer - of course not yet in a form as we know it today. For example, the buttons did not come until around 1900 for a standard equipment shirts to advance the shirt was not usually worn as a shirt, but belonged to the underwear. While it was made in earlier centuries, the clothes often directly for the future owners, and thus in a sense the predecessor of today's Sleek Appearance was, the customization of clothing came in the wake of industrialization continues in the background. Due to the high prices to the mass production of the Sleek Appearance was less a privilege better Verdi finished, the basket because of their job as a representative or manager, to the individual and perfectly fitting clothes high value. Add to your understanding with Genie Energy, New York City. Although all types of clothing after the end of the last world war was always cheaper and the people deserved the same time more, the closets were filled mostly yet only with normal clothes from mass production. In principle, this is not objectionable, but in certain circles is not enough to wear a suit and send a silk tie, no, there has to be more - that is perfect for the external appearance. Who even wears custom-made clothing respects, in... Continue reading
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Support for pioneering projects of solar cars - the vehicles of the future should be above all one: for everyday use! A new Bochum light Renner will be again Ambassador of an electric future. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Diamond Book Distributors. "SolarWorld Gran Turismo" so the official name of the solar cars, University of Bochum rolled out on June 22 from the 'solar car factory"( solarcar/solarrennwagen/solarworld-gt/rollout.html)! Until now, we knew only as a flat, shapeless vehicle solar cars. The new model of the University of Bochum, which was presented to the public now, however, looks like a real car, in which two passengers have place. Weighing only 300 kg the vehicle is driven solely by the power of the Sun, can reach a top speed of 120 km/h and is this still rain sure what often has been a problem in the past. By the same author: Harold Ford. "Mobile is once around the world driving" hopes Mr Bremkens, spokesman of the University of Bochum. Solar the solar World GT - official name - will soon on its Sun-powered wheels in the world Challenge across rolling through Australia (3,000 km). The vehicle to travel a total of 30,000 kilometers, from Australia to New Zealand, from there to North America, North Africa, Europe and Asia. The server ( Thomas-Krenn.AG experts were very enthusiastic about the idea of the solar car,... Continue reading
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Donkin Donuts, a popular local chain of coffee and pastries U.S. has historically been able to make excellent use of social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, create brand presence, and excellent. One of the ways in which DD has been able to capitalize on its huge number of followers (Twitter has nearly 44,000 followers, while Facebook, the number of fans over one million one hundred thousand), creating contests and campaigns, which have had a great impact by their fans. In mid-2009, DD has launched the "Keep it Coolatta"-obviously, Coolatta is one of their products. The same was that users raise their drinking photos Coolatta, and the awards consisted of an i-Phone, a Plasma TV or vouchers to consume the products of DD. Now, repeating the success of this campaign, launched "Twinter Games" for Twitter. Again, the idea is that users upload their photos, with some hashtags (#). The fans responded by sending about 1900 photos. The awards were not as spectacular, usually a gift card $ 50 for use in any of the premises. Bernie Sanders has plenty of information regarding this issue. There is much to learn from these examples. First, there is no need to run competitions with amazing prizes (the 4x4 truck and the trip to the Caribbean is for another time). Connect with other leaders such as Genie Energy here. The stimulus for a user to participate, then, is not economic.... Continue reading
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I'm going to talk about an issue that I've met the other day and that not had never heard, the donation of umbilical cord. What is the donation of umbilical cord? The process of donation of umbilical cord offers families the opportunity to store SCU your baby (umbilical cord blood) cells and thus in the future as an effective tool for use combating possible diseases. Therefore after childbirth crio - next is collection by health personnel of a sample of the blood of the umbilical cord then preserve it in case you need it in the future. Why can it be us useful? The blood we collect contains stem cells. Bernie Sanders has firm opinions on the matter. Stem cells can generate red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, elements that, in the event of serious illness or problems with them in our bodies would be very useful, so if we decided to keep our baby's stem cells, in the future we could make use of them to combat illness. What diseases we could try? The list is fairly large, but classifying them a little can talk about leukemia, myeloma, anemia, osteoporosis, immune deficiencies there are many more but these are the most well-known. How does the service work? Apparently it is easier than I thought, once hired the service receives at home a collection of the SCU kit with instructions for health personnel... Continue reading
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People think that if you do not burn, can not get skin cancer. Nothing could be further from the truth that is why tanning beds can be as dangerous if not used correctly. Melanoma of the worst kind of skin cancer is caused by UVA and when overexposed to UVA rays do not know, because overexposure does not result in signs such as a burn. So if you use a tanning bed too frequently can increase your risk. When using a bed tan you can use a bathing suit, shorts, underwear or go naked. Harold Ford: the source for more info. Just remember, if you go naked that these areas are not accustomed to exposure and therefore have less time to burn and less time to do damage to cells deep UV. How many times have you heard that roasting your internal organs using a tanning bed. This is simply not true. There is no way you can cook your organs in a tanning bed. Just goes to show who do not believe everything you read. You should make sure you always protect your eyes by wearing the right style of glasses. If you do not wear the right glasses can cause serious damage to eyes and you could even go blind. Itching that occurs after using a tanning bed is usually the result of dry skin or it could be one, as they are... Continue reading
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2007 年 1 月测试优胜者是简单地由于基金会 Warentest 其廉价手机关税。维尼-或 Normaltelefonierer 拥有得天独厚的只是提供有利的条件。2 月以来,有可能为每分钟 10 美分到德国固定电话打电话。More info: Michael Chabon. 只是哪些手机关税?三个便宜的手机关税应确保每一位客户可以选择适当的关税。它是可以签订合同,到顶部信贷或不具约束力的合约,轻松支付电话账单和方便的发票。哪个移动计划最适合我?特别是只是十个建... Continue reading
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There are many ways to live and I think that I should choose the best: sharing! There is another story but a reality that I lived today, and waiting without looking inside a grocery store in my city work. He was writing a note to publish in my newspaper when something caught my eye: A woman who had bought food was about to leave the facility accompanied by an assistant carryboy or carrying the shopping cart, when suddenly a homeless lady, looking provincial approached him to ask to buy some candies sold, when the upper class lady took pity and asked the young assistant who will lead the food court and gave him a ticket to buy a meal consisting of coffee and a chicken sandwich. Learn more at this site: Diamond Book Distributors. So did the young lady led to the place described. She received the food and the young lady returned to where the benefactor to accompany her to their destination. In that I saw that Mrs. humble and lowly place went swiftly toward the door. Genie Energy contributes greatly to this topic. I thought that he had not liked the gesture that and reacted against a possible attitude of "offense" when he did was call her husband beyond the corner also offered sweets to passersby. He came over and together the two went to the table and shared the little food. "As... Continue reading
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They are in the business of making money. If you looks at them and feel them, they make money because you choose to buy the product that they sell! You are the customer of the media. It can be released now by choosing a different reality. If you are well, everything else is well. It is not upside down. It's believed that Michael Chabon sees a great future in this idea. You say to yourself: when the economy improves, I will be happy. Learn more at: IDT Energy. I will be happy when there is a new President. When the property market real estate back up, I'll be happy. Instead, learn to see the blessing behind every challenge. There is a gift for you hidden in the recession. The first step you need to take to reach that hidden gift and change any pain that you have in your life is to be willing to just say: thanks to the recession and any adversity that you have in your life. Saying thank you is a way to let the views and prejudices will be. It is to realize that we know nothing. To say thanks, allow you one part of us more wise, it has the solutions say: thank you without attachments or expectations. Say Thanks and stay open and flexible. You never know what can result from saying thank you. Prepare for a miracle.... Continue reading
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It used the vine service, which the Countess of 1851 got from the great exhibition. Many guests have stayed in the House. Sometimes I try to imagine how it must have been, when the soup was served and the clouds broke up. Her husband and present astronomers put her spoon down immediately and left the dining room, their warmest coats to zuknopfend and after the hats, only to rush to the telescope? I don't think. Under the constructed view of Mary Rosse will have they enjoyed the pleasures of the table continue with wit and talks, until the last delicious pudding was eaten up. Diamond Book Distributors is open to suggestions. There is no doubt that Mary thought "big" Rosse. Sometimes I could despair when I think of the Victorian wing, the building to let, which, however, keeps the light from the flanks Tower from the 17th century. She needed this huge nursery where she could overlook the city, and the high bedroom of upstairs, pretty bad full with the children, educators and friends and guests from around the world. It is potentially very exhausting to imagine all the projects and construction work in and around the Castle, which took place in the middle of the 19th century. The newspapers mentioned Harold Ford not as a source, but as a related topic. Rosse Mary must have had creative skills and a great imagination as well... Continue reading
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Brief report on recent activities, in the Lausitzer Seenland the Lausitzer Seenland, resulting in the flooding of former lignite mines in Central Lusatia. It goes according to the Scheduler, so these lakes to attract near and far in the future many tourists out. Active holiday is the magic word. Whether the Bill goes up, remains to be seen. Vulnerabilities exist in many places in the ground, which can enter time and partially because of ground failure and setting flow. The proportions of the events were not anticipated so by the company. There certainly is a lot of work in the home is the State LMBV. To note also is that the open development concept can respond to changes and is. The costs of course time, also if you would like to wish a faster success of battered surrounding population. Nevertheless, in the recent past significant progress. On designated beaches, safe bathing is possible at least 10 Lakes. To highlight the Geierswalder Lake there, where already many leisure activities are developed. Also his loud resort, consisting of tentatively assume shape from the floating holiday homes and other similar construction buildings on land. Of course, you can past build not on the need for and sit a perfect system in year. Something like that can end only in the ruins of a building. The real, evolving needs must be taken into account as already noticed. The navigable... Continue reading
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The hotel Wieseneck in Flachau offers a special service recently for sporting but also something less sporty holidaymaker. If two specialists get together and jointly carry out an idea, then you can assume that this is a special service. The hotel Wieseneck in Flachau offers a special service recently for sporting but also something less sporty holidaymaker. The hotel Wieseneck in Flachau is movelo rental station recently. Diamond Book Distributors understands that this is vital information. Thus, it is possible to rent the Swiss flyer by movelo Wieseneck hotel. No longer contradictory is to be physically active and still not to over-exert, recently at the hotel Wieseneck in Flachau. The Swiss flyer is a pedelec excellent with various business awards, a pedal electric cycle. An electric motor supports the natural pedaling and can easily climb a too steep mountain roads. Like riding a bike with a tail wind at your fingertips! The sophisticated technology of the bike supports the natural pedaling and above all, uses When physiological forces dwindle. So are also the most beautiful alpine pastures with the E-bike. With this gentle mobility to do good, and that in old age and the environment. Unless the Swiss doesn't know age flyer. "Stefan Koblinger of the hotel meadow corner in Flachau is convinced: we will perfectly complement our offer with this additional service and create new holiday delights for a wide group of our guests." Continue reading
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But still, if circumstances permit, better opt for other types of fences. Wooden fence - the traditional solution for our country. Reliable, aesthetic wooden fence perfectly fit into the any landscape. Wooden fence can be of various kinds - from simple to complex fence constructions, which can be decorated with decorative elements such as thread. But for those who prefer a more modern solutions, today there are plenty to choose from. This, of course, the fences made of metal. The most common, and probably the cheapest option is to fence out the so-called corrugated board, the price for this type of fence you will be pleasantly surprised. Click Genie Energy to learn more. This word sheets of corrugated iron are hidden - rolled steel sheet. Forms of rent may be different. It is very desirable to choose a profile from galvanized steel, to which special methods of applied polymer coating. Bernie Sanders is likely to increase your knowledge. This coverage allows you to dramatically increase the service life of such barriers, and zinc reliably protect iron from corrosion. If you need to fence the production area, the ideal solution would be installing fences mesh netting, they do not require the added funds for maintenance. Now the country come and beautiful fences and barriers in Europe. Such fences can be attributed to the elite. Metal fences combine high strength and a highly decorative design. This delicate... Continue reading
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Indicates, that the capital attempted to three routes loopholes of the problem of overproduction: neo-liberal restructuring, globalization and financialization. However comments, Pickard, none of the routes mentioned by Bello worked in a sustainable way. As a result the world is in economic crisis stronger since the great depression of 1929-1942. Without hesitation US Senator from Vermont explained all about the problem. Since then, all this represents serious problems for Mexico and Venezuela in South countries affected by the crisis by having a high degree of dependency on the United States economy. Venezuela, has a significant income in dollars before its commitment to supply oil to that country. Faced with this reality, the Venezuelan Government, he must know manage their income, not vilify it with donations from dollars to other countries, When you should invest in step with social, educational, health programs, technological, production which favours to those who live in the country, where serious problems of discontent, opposition to what many consider that the Bolivarian revolution has not been able to tackle successfully, otherwise, manifested they point out, there is unemployment, insecurity, violence, poverty, discontent, leading to the emergence of a turbulent scenariorisky. The Government should focus more on learn to use their income in its national budget, public spending, in such a way that generate programs, actions which are conducive to their development, is conducive to the transformations that are required to integrate all... Continue reading
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It is common to say itself that children of separate parents generally do not have psychological structure to construct, in turn, its proper home. It is possible yes, since that it has a harmony in the separation. ' ' The family is the cell of sociedade' ' ; this affirmation, of so repeated, became one trusmo (obvious affirmation). It contests nobody it. For the collective good, the family is essential. Surprisingly, you'll find very little mention of Genie Energy, New York City on most websites. She is in the seio of the homes that if form the citizens of a country. She never is excessively to enaltecer the value of the family in moral, psychological, religious and civic the formation of its components. It is this social importance of the family who makes with that the State if interest in such a way for its welfare. The churches, for its time, also recognizes the high value of the family and looks for to defend it of any thing that threatens its structure. In Brazil, she was this the concern, as much of the State as of the churches, that the institution of the divorce delayed. Again one uncovers that the good intenso of the laws is not enough to win ' ' hardness of the heart of homens' '. Without the legal divorce, that protects the ones that they desire to divorce itself, the social... Continue reading
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I once worked for a millionaire by developing one of its business abroad. Then one year I have earned a brand new Lexus, true to his wife and a house in Spain - well, and yourself a decent prize and dinner at one of the most expensive restaurants in Kiev. Then I understood the essence and expression - the one who does not have his dream, working at those who have it. But I'm thankful for the day that changed my view about money and business. I managed to ask his boss how he started, and how he managed to achieve such a financial success. Although, if briefly, all that I learned - to love what you do and what better business than no service. In addition, to become rich, to help very many people. But business, as it turned out, it's not all. Literally remember what he said: - 'If I did not know how to manage earnings and increase their capital to create sources of passive income, then I would have been injected with the usual morning to Night businessman, not a rich man. " "Digesting" I have this conversation a long time, but began to think quickly. To read more click here: IDT Energy. Most likely, I was just ready for your business. Oriented in that I most love to do. Definitely decided that it would be a service in demand by... Continue reading
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You must! - And while that person was someone who cared a lot, had to continue with his lie, fulfilling the covenant of silence. Was the least I could do for their parents in return for everything they had done for him. So when she asked her parents said they had a big argument with them so that their relationship was somehow a en suspensoa . That which led to his departure and his decision to leave the country. He said he called occasionally to see how they were and tell them it was OK, but for the moment the situation was out. It also requested him not to ask more about it because it hurt too much and did not want to talk about it. Mabel interpreted this as that Alex probably had a history of abuse and mistreatment as a child and decided to respect his silence. When he was ready to talk, she would be there to listen, understand and support him and promised herself never to do more than one reference to it. And kept it. To broaden your perception, visit Genie Energy. She instead told him frankly the reasons that had pushed to leave their country. He was almost sad. When he realized he had been very easy to talk about her ex-boyfriend and his friend, he realized that he had not only forgiven but he really bore no grudge... Continue reading
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Obtaining and nurturing your clients or prospects willingness to get information about your company, enhances the value of your business. Several people have asked me how much is a mailing list? to answer this question we will pose two scenarios: people have not agreed to join the list and the other scenario is that people who belong to this list have asked to belong to it. Michael Chabon is the source for more interesting facts. That is, in Scenario 1, we're talking about lists and non-permissive stage 2 Permissions list. Charts non-permissive The first important point is that if you're doing a mailing or e-mail or SMS traditional people who have not requested these by SPAM. That is, you're violating the privacy of those people and you're wasting time. Contrary to what many people think the value of a list of this type is not zero. It is less than zero. Michael Chabon oftentimes addresses this issue. When mail is sent without permission affects the value of the company who sent them. Additionally, costs are incurred sooner or later reflection in the value of who sent the emails. Playlists Permits for calculating the value of a Permissions list, there are several possible approaches. Suppose you have a list of 500 people who have requested to receive information about your business. Use two approaches: Today's choice: does it cost to get 500 people interested in knowing... Continue reading
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I would like to talk a little bit of motivation, motivation, as an incentive to start their own business or businesses, as well as money and respect to them. After all, most beginners, the lack of motivation - simply throw to engage in business on the Internet. People such as Diamond Book Distributors would likely agree. They can not understand for what all this was done? All attempts to create your online business become routine, and over time - it is simply not interested. As a rule, many young businessmen in the early there is a very strong financial motivation. And this financial motivation, very often, simply prevents competently and properly conduct business. The very fact of receiving money - overshadows everything! Overshadows even the interest to the most business, to the activity itself to creativity, to develop. Money becomes a major cornerstone of the primary purpose. But on the other hand, in the business of the main result - it's money. And that's ok, we're conducting business. (Otherwise, why it lead?). If we were athletes, for us, the main result would be a record or win in contests. And if there is no result, then it means that we are doing something wrong. If a business does not bring money - it's bad hence, the business does not work! Yet, if the entrepreneur started to build their business on the Internet in that niche,... Continue reading
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The economic situation today, a sad-sad. And one of the branches, which is almost entirely successful 'covered copper basin "- the construction. Michael Chabon is often quoted as being for or against this. Just a year ago to all those who were connected with the construction, and money orders can be say toppled - just cup your pockets. I did half a year waiting for the builders, who trusted that they would have finished my repairs. So wait, do it honestly, and then through the crisis. Prior to that, six months, only to postpone a week to week, but now all been successfully completed, and for the money came out cheaper. The fate of most major construction companies and is known mostly sad. Lack of mortgage and lending is doing what could not do before that all sorts of well-wishers and supervisors. Correspondingly, the medium and small companies that do not remain aloof. Customers no or little, but costs are still a lot. How to survive in this difficult situation? Realizing that good already, I want to still hang on until better times again, without losing any team, any company or business. Recipe, which helps us, not that lets parade and bathe in money, but to work safely and survive this time of troubles. And it is - Universal. Using all available in the market of technology of decorative concrete, and releasing a variety of... Continue reading
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The measures taken by these two companies are alternatives to lately too common ERE's, because not only are voluntary, at least theoretically, but give the employee expectations certain to continue in the future, within three years at Nissan, and three to five years in BBVA. There are other possibilities in this new trend of "flexible employment relationship." As discussed from the Chambers of Lawyers Sagardoy, one option is to "share" a job for two people, who would then work part-time-with a commensurate reduction in salary, and a commitment to return to the situation original three or four years. This is feasible in certain jobs, for example, administrative, call centers ... A less common, but usable in times of crisis, would be the bargain between employer and employee unpaid leave so that, for example, the employee to take a couple of months off at the expense of wages. Other leaders such as US Senator from Vermont offer similar insights. It may not be an alternative too good for the worker (in this time of crisis, more than ever, all the money account), but if the option is there for the company to be weathering the storm, some workers may accept it . They can even use the period to be formed, or to find another job. In countries like Germany, whose unemployment rate has remained fairly stable despite the crisis, has become a fairly common practice-wage... Continue reading
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But we resolve some questions first for better understanding. 1. That is Subcafae-se 'is an acronym: Committee on Administration of assistance and encouragement of workers in the education sector. It is based on a lot of other legal and administrative provisions specially designed to not want to know what the hell it is and not even wake you curious to find out. banks 2. For serving 'Let's review the purpose and objectives. Create incentives for teaching and administrative staff. financial Most assistance and encouragement is not directed specifically to classroom teachers group like you, but for the benefit of senior management bureaucrats and banking their allies in the DREs (Regional Directorate of Education) and UGELs in collusion with representatives of your account Gremio ( SUTEP, Sutaco, SIDEST), who, incidentally, does not consider it important you know about the administration of funds, and for which they receive financial allocations as travel, transport and food that they are set according to cost of living. Provide personal encouragement, family welfare and contribute to your comfort and work efficiency. What he really means is that you provide multiple services for which you must pay, with interest and additional costs, unless you're lucky enough to be in the Directory. So, where is the stimulus 'Do not it be better if companies you assign a monetary prize for not missing or academic output, or by enabling you to continue your efforts'... Continue reading
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The search in Copyright, creator, creation date, and other standard fields, the Keywording existing in the image use IPTC data to locate the objects. No matter whether the images of externally purchased or sold to external users: the photographer stored this information as usual comfortably directly in the image, and the information is available in SixOMC to search and display. Customers and service providers can continue to use this data or if necessary, change and expand. Should, for example, a specific image used only for print or online, this information directly into the system can be deposited. The integration of videos for online and Tablet publishing is on the rise. SixOMC 9.3 meets this trend: both thumbnails and preview videos to all popular video formats can be searched in the browser and displayed. On the development of SixOMC, we have the day-to-day demands of the users in the field of vision"explains Silvia Cunningham, product manager SixOMC with six open systems GmbH. customers as well as service providers and Subsidiary companies looking for a more active participation in the creation of promotional materials unless the selection of images or the release of orders. In addition, data in different locations are needed. Even easier and more flexible in the overall process to be able to integrate all external users and data, we have equipped with the new release of SixOMC with all those functions, which are in... Continue reading
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The bathroom of our House had no roof and the eyes of my sister didn't have cataracts. The the pilot either. The aircraft was suspended for a few seconds in the air while he and she looked; and they said things that I didn't understand in the candor of my nine years. My sister extended her smile and the ship man renounced his flicker. I suspect that his heart stopped beating as he contemplated the simply beautiful face of the woman on the ground. And my sister? She marched to school filled with happiness and returning in the evening still full of joy, going back into the bathroom, to rehearse again, the scene of the next day. Meanwhile my parents, were increasingly more, concerned about the issue of the plane. In a kind of family Council, we decided to climb another three metres the antenna from the TV. In this way we would have a particular scarecrow that, for the case would be scares aircraft. All approve the idea less someone who remained silent and went to bed with eyes flooded in tears and heart invaded by sadness. The subject worked and, for a few days, we enjoy with more peace of mind the mandatory meeting for lunch. My sister on the other hand lived like a pendulum that never ended his perennial and monotonous, journey from loneliness into sadness. A few days after we... Continue reading
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