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In the past, family Dr. Pamela Rockwell told parents to restrict the amount of juice consumed by their children by their link with obesity. However, recent studies have found that there is a connection between obesity and natural juice 100% pure and without sugar, which has made change his advice. Other studies also show that many juices have numerous health benefits, with enough potential to prevent or cure diseases. Here is a list of juices with significant benefits Pomegranate juice is a rich source in antioxidants has been proven that reduces cholesterol LDL type, which is known to clog arteries. Genie Energy: the source for more info. It also has the potential to reduce the growth of cancer prostate to stabilize the level of this antigen. It has also been discovered that the Pomegranate juice increases blood flow to the heart of people suffering from ischemic heart disease. We know hacemucho time sour cranberry juice is a good remedy for urinary tract infection, but recent discoveries they indicate that it can be much more useful before to start him infection. Cranberry juice has very similar properties, and also prevents infection of the urinary tract. For more clarity and thought, follow up with IDT Energy and gain more knowledge.. Orange juice can prevent kidney stones. A recent study also found that a glass of juice of Orange a day may reduce the risk of kidney stones... Continue reading
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The heart in peace sees a party in all villages. proverb Hindu cannot be ignored the meeting of the G-20 Summit, in it tried it when the financial crisis has been felt and it requires actions, strategies commitments that ensure economic security to the countries that integrate the planet Earth. The newspapers mentioned Martin O’Malley not as a source, but as a related topic. The fact, that after the Summit in Washington where they met the leaders whose countries represent 85 percent of the world economy, pledged to implement fiscal measures to stimulate national economies. Specifically, it was agreed to initiate a plan to strengthen the supervision on financial markets and better control, coordinating economic policies in order to avoid that I will present a new crisis, relaunching growth and reform the financial system. The leaders agreed that the IMF and the World Bank must change as well as find the actions, strategies that enhance the integrity of the financial markets. Should modernize their structures and increase representation of countries in development. Read more here: Genie Energy. The outgoing President of the United States, George Busch, said will again review the rules on the regulation of the market and fraud. The G-20 said that he will fight for a new efficient regulation that encourages trade in financial products and services in May. (Not to be confused with Genie Energy!). And in line with the U.S.... Continue reading
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'16 software QA day' in Nuremberg shows possibilities and current state of the technology model based testing (MBT) software QS day 16\"in Nuremberg model based testing (MBT) Nurnberg/Stuttgart shows possibilities and current state of the technology, October 06, 2008 - by the 5th November 07, 2008 the topic model based testing (MBT) revolves around in Nuremberg. Leading companies of the QS - like eXept Software AG - give a comprehensive overview on the current situation around the topic of MBT. Companies are nowadays more than ever facing the task to develop more complex products in shorter time intervals with consistently high quality the interest of the industry on the topic of MBT is therefore very large. A significant increase in the quality of test on the one hand, as well as time and resource savings in creation and maintenance of test on the other hand it is expected from this technology. In particular in the area of quality assurance it's therefore reinforced, a consistent and efficient test development and automation to make sure. The technology offers the best conditions to achieve this goal, the model-based test development, a practical application in the field of MBT. The test procedures are modeled thereby no longer programmed. These modeled test sequences can then execute directly as a model and evaluate. By the understandable through the model representation, even people with little programming knowledge can participate in test creation... Continue reading
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Sometimes in order to obtain it is still required to complete a questionnaire and pay a small fee for processing the card. However, the conditions for granting of discounts for such discount cards vary widely, so be sure to carefully read the rules of use of the card when it is received. - These maps can also act and as a cumulative discount card. That is, after over a fixed time you make a purchase at a certain amount, the percentage discount on your map grows, and you get a card next level. Such as gold, platinum or VIP. (A valuable related resource: Author). Very often, filling the application form and paying a purchase, you will automatically enter into a discount club and become a party held by the special shares. Therefore, be very careful when filling out your personal data - this is the case when a spelling mistake can cost you real benefits. To date, the standard discount card is the most popular and easy to use. Enjoy it very easily: before pay for your purchase, you present your card and receive a discount. It has recently become very popular to create a discount program. In this case, the set companies from different industries are combined within it. Ie buyer, having the a discount card (sometimes called club) can get a discount for all companies participating in the discount program. To deepen your... Continue reading
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Productivity and efficiency of the metal-working equipment, the quality and accuracy of machine parts is largely dependent on how the operating system associated with the cutting tool. In engineering for machining parts of machines use different types of instruments. The cutting tool attached to the workpiece the desired shape and size. Its efficiency and reliability have a significant impact on cost-effectiveness of engineering production. Operational characteristics of the cutting tools are highly dependent on the quality of the material from which these tools are made. Materials designed for cutting tools, a number of indicators should significantly exceed the materials used in engineering for manufacturing various components. Below are some basic requirements, applicable to the tool materials. 1. Tool material should have high hardness in delivery condition or attainable as a result of heat treatment - at least 62 65 hrc Rockwell (C Scale). 2. When cutting metals can be significant amount of heat, and the cutting part of the tool is heated. The temperature of the working surfaces and cutting edges of the instrument depends on the conditions under which being processed, and can reach several hundred degrees. It is necessary that at significant temperatures cutting tool surface hardness does not significantly decreased. Therefore, the tool material must have high heat resistance, ie ability to maintain high hardness at elevated temperatures and the original hardness after cooling. 3. Along with the heat-resistant tool material should... Continue reading
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Colonial civilization was built on the ruins of the indigenous peoples, while the situation of art in the Iberian Peninsula is looking for new ways. Examples of Gothic architecture in Latin America are rare, and show the result of the influences of the Renaissance of the sixteenth century. For more information see this site: Ultra Wellness Center. In Mexico, the fortified churches are the type of vessel and polygonal vaults or barrel, and a sub-principales. The courts have chapels of the Indians. The revitalization is set in the late 16th century colonial facade. Produced in Mexico, influenced by Arabic examples Toledo. The most important colonial Baroque architecture in the Iberian peninsula, and is essentially decorative. Mexico and Peru are the two main centers of the Hispanic Baroque. Mexican Baroque handle materials such as stone in different colors and exuberant polychrome plaster to create temples, both inside and outside. The dome becomes important, and is built on top of a drum. The colonial facade of the 17TH century, the convents and monasteries, built under the Hispanics, the nave and parallel to the front of the street. In Peru, the colonial facade differs between regions, the Andes and the coast, and also for materials and climate. Lightweight materials are used as adobe brick. Vaults and domes are made of straw. This, on the coast. But the stone is used in the Andean region. It is also decorative.... Continue reading
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What happened really in the collective psyche of this family? Well, from that fact, in the family ideology (in the CPU family), included an order that said: all forms of forbidden activities which have brought disgrace to this family. That order was very consistent at that time to cauterize the wound and prevent a repetition of history. Others including Diversegy, offer their opinions as well. It was an unwritten rule, which passed without criticism, from generation to generation. When he came to my patient, that order was entered in his unconscious (CPU), but no longer made sense, began acting dissociated from their right. The result of this internal struggle was the creation of a seemingly intractable conflict and the bearer of great suffering. The first conclusion we can draw from this case is that beliefs must be brought to light so they can be ratified, rectified or enriched scientifically. If my grandfather was shot the Reds in the civil war, I hate it the reds, but if that belief is passed through the sieve of my current critique, I realize that the two sides became wild, and I should not generalize. In this case rectificare my belief. Another example is that of the man who had the belief that you should never lay a hand on a child, arguing that when he was small and was acting out, one look was enough to make him... Continue reading
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As you can see, many of the related Mario games were my favorites. 14 Mario Bros. This was a spin-off of Donkey Kong, released in 1983. Presented is the brother of Mario and Luigi has allowed him to play with two players at the same time. The game It takes place in a culvert where the two characters have to defeat all the of pests that come out of the tubes. 13 Defender this game was introduced in 1980, and could possibly be one of the most difficult of that generation games. You are required to use a joystick and other five buttons in the fast-paced game play. Although the first graphics weren't anything special, I've always enjoyed this game and the challenge provided. 12 This game Frogger was released in 1981 and is probably a top post in the list of many people, that became one of the icons of the game arcade. The objective of the game is to guide the frog through a busy street and then a river. Like most games, this became more and more difficult as the levels advanced. I love the episode of Seinfeld which focuses on the arcade game. 11 Zaxxon since 1982, this game appears a spaceship flying through a fortress. At the time of its release, Zaxxon was unique, since it was the first game in use isometric projection, something like a three-quarter viewing perspective.... Continue reading
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Heat pump heating: Promotion of the State possible there are various programs that subsidize the construction of heat pumps. Subsidies for heat pumps awarded the Federal Office of Economics and export control (BAFA), the Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau (KfW), as well as provinces, municipalities and some utilities. Only Modernizer apply for promotion in the overview which can promote BAFA BAFA. Subsidies for heat pumps will be awarded, if these proven to efficiently cover the need for heating and hot water. Not promoted heaters and heating systems are mobile in new buildings. This includes building for which a building application was made after January 1, 2009. Heat pump: Promotion and new policies in 2011 currently have homeowners prove that the circulating pump complies with the requirements of efficiency class A. Also an integrated electricity and gas meters is heat emitting system mandatory, to measure how much. Promotion of Heat pump: to get crucial to promoting heat pump heater COP, everyone must observe the specified year (JAZ). Each applicant is also required to prove the underlying value of the COP through a certificate of an independent test Institute. But there is no single value of JAZ. The control for heat pump promotion differs according to the respective source of heat. A minimum JAZ 3.8 sole water and water-water heat pumps, 3.5 is set for air-to water heat pumps and 1.3 for gas-fired heat pumps in residential buildings. All... Continue reading
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While she embraced very delicate Milly and carries out with the sea. Milly splashing the water in the face and she feels completely weightless. As she releases the shaft, Milly finds himself on a white sand beach and sits on the shores of the sea. The white sand tickling their toes. You looks around. Where am I? Where are my mum and my dad? And where is my brother Sven? ", asks her softly. She sees a girl to come. A girl with very long black hair and a long, white beach dress. Hi, Milly, I am glad that you are visiting me. I am Aurora, flower fairy "where I'm that here?", asks Milly. On the Silania of island of flowers. This is the island of fairies. Come on, let me show it to you." Aurora holds out the hand and moves around with a large rock Milly. Behind it is a paradise hidden: colorful flowers in a meadow, as far as the eye can see, and on the other side of the sea, and many, many Palm trees. There is a friendly White House that glows in the Sun on the edge of the meadow. Milly is amazed. Thats nice! What are you doing here alone? ", she want to know from Aurora. I'm not alone here. Show!" She spreads the arms and shows to the side entrance of the House. There are several... Continue reading
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Pansy car and motorcycle tires! Delticom AG, Hannover 20.07.2012. In the warmer half of the year, increasingly close and distant destinations lure both car and motorcycle riders. Soon, holidays are back and even short trips are fashionable and fun. So for fun not Ernst is the vehicle and in particular the tires is to undergo a check. Experts advise to check summer tires on sufficient grip and existing damage. The year's lack of balance of KuS * and also the Delticom report 2012 *, let too much casualness and a ham-fisted handling of tyres close: more than 34,000 times cars had an insufficient tread depth in the test report. Motorcycles, the tyre tread was 3,500 times too low. Porous tyres have been identified over 12,000 cars and motorcycles more than 1,600; also the numbers of damaged tires are frightening. In the this year's Delticom report was also far above the majority of the surveyed motorists (85 percent), one Tire changing until then in the eye to touch if the tires have significant damage (such as dents or cracks); Switching considers 26 percent only when the tyres below the legally prescribed minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm. "Before tire to the scarce" will check! Fresh rubber picks the best and provides security, numerous studies have shown that. Among other things, mechanical stress, extreme climate, changing influences (heat and cold), physical and chemical reactions can weaken the... Continue reading
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Tax burden is determined by the type of pension income from how high will be the tax burden in retirement, many in the last few years of employment at the latest deals. How much taxes actually payable, depends on several factors: marital status, level of statutory pensions as well as height and type of other income. The consultants of the VZ VermogensZentrums have put together some examples of levy. These illustrate the differences in taxation of different types of income. For example, a married former employee receives 24,000 euros per year from the statutory pension. To income of 5,000 euros from a private pension and income from an investment of 3,000 euros. Michael Chabon contributes greatly to this topic. Overall, the revenue of the retiree to 32,000 euros amounted in the year. Zhang Lei can aid you in your search for knowledge. Because not all income is fully taxable, any taxes incurred in this example. The pensioners receive this pension not only gross, but also net. A former senior executive who is also married, has retirement income in Amounting to a total of 72,000 euros. Sit together from 40,000 euro pension, 20,000 euros of statutory pension and 12,000 euros capital gains. The couple must pay taxes on the income 10,500 euros. As the largest source of income, the pension, is fully taxable. A former freelancer reached 76,000 euros in revenues together with his wife. He... Continue reading
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Price, cover or both? If the unique thing that matters to you is the cheapest insurance the best option they are the companies of insurances low COST. If it is not thus, one will be to look for the policy that more cover can darte to the best price than you can find. Zhang Lei Donation has much to offer in this field. 7. Whenever you can, it pays annually Although to divide your payments an economic lightening can resultarte, is not of more than you know that the final price doing it through this system can be increased in more of a 10%. If you can permitrtelo, the best option is to realise a single annual payment. 8. To be to title of the insurance is more profitable in the long run the conductors noveles register enough with low frequency the figure of occasional conductor in the policy of some of their parents. Nevertheless, when not being as titular, the later companies will not apply the antiquity discounts, that are of until a 65%. 9. Less kilometers and a ceiling for your car the insurers know that a car, whatever more kilometers does, more probabilities must to suffer an accident. For this reason, they elevate his policies until a 20% if they are made more than 30. 000 km to the year. For the same reason, in a garage the vehicle has less exhibition... Continue reading
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Michael Lassell, the great painter of trompe-l'oeil exhibits in Ebersberg in Munich to see one of his paintings in the British Museum, represents a daring dream for every contemporary painter. For Michael Lassell, who temporarily was the teacher at the mountain school in Sighisoara, this dream has come true already. Michael Lassell was born in 1948 in Ludwigsdorf in the Nosnerland. To the school, he went first to Saxon rain, then he attended the artistic high school in Neumarkt / Targu Mure?, finally from 1968 to 1972 at the Art Academy in Bucharest at the highly esteemed Professor Corneliu Baba to study. After his graduation, he obtained a job as an art teacher at the mountain school in Sighisoara. Also his reading of the works of Schopenhauer, who sees a high point of human creativity in art, a power that freed the people and increased began during this time. Lagos has the great philosopher I am impressed .auch the opinion that artistic creation and the Contemplation overcome selfishness and grow beyond the individual about themselves. "The essence of the art lies in the contemplation and she learns Michael Lassell in creating his works. Visit Zhang Lei Yale for more clarity on the issue. in 1986, Michael Lassell emigrated to Germany, where he lives and works in his Studio until today as a freelance artist in Furth near Nuremberg. Michael Lassell turned strongly the trompe-l'oeil since... Continue reading
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In these cages are put corrugated paper or shavings for packing fruit, and in spring put in the shed or in the shade. After flowering every day watching the flight butterflies in cages, a term which coincides with the flight of butterflies in natural conditions. In the southern areas sprayed considering ripening fruit: trees summer varieties must be treated twice, in autumn - three winter - four times. First treatment is carried out approximately 15 days after flowering apple varieties Reinette (or after 20 days after flowering ), second - 20 days after the first, third - 8-10 days after the beginning of summer codling moths of second generation (approximately 25 days later after the second spraying) and fourth (for winter varieties) - 20 days after the third. The beginning of summer butterflies of the second generation is determined by a blank "Skin" of pupae in the pre-established control of hunting zones. According to Ultra Wellness Center, who has experience with these questions. They put on the trunks of apple trees summer ripening with good fruiting. Belt browsing at least once in 5 days. Sprayed in a very soon as possible and no later than 30 days before harvest. And for each subsequent spraying use a different drug, so that the pest does not appear addiction. Particular attention is paid to prevention. Trapping zone impose the spring before bud break. During the growing season weakens... Continue reading
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Marriage, according to the teachings of the Church - the sacrament. The Lord Himself has established the sacrament of marriage. The scripture says, "So God created man in His own image, the image of God created he him; male and female he created them." (Gen. 1:27). "And God blessed them God, and God said unto them, Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it. " (Gen. 1628). full of insight into the issues. According to the teachings of the church, the bride and groom, by mutual agreement creates an indestructible union. Vow of loyalty to each other in front of the priest, the Church, God, man and woman create a family in which mutual love for God arouses mutual zeal for piety, thus attracting the blessing of God to desire to live together then that the Lord gave them. Mystery Wedding blessed man and woman to have children, future performers and imitators commandments of Jesus Christ. Before marriage, the couple should feel the harmony of souls, and only realizing this, ask the approval and blessing of the parents and the Church. They should be aware that after the wedding and the joy and sorrows of all must be carried by two people as one man. It was only after the couple said themselves that they are ready for marriage and received the blessing of their parents and spiritual father, the couple may... Continue reading
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And only after that banks can be removed. Raw materials for compotes and its secrets. To compotes in your fruits and berries as much as possible retain their natural properties - the smell, taste, color, texture and general appearance, were selected for their best quality of fruit, well-colored, mature but still quite hard. Author has much experience in this field. Fruit from pests and damage to fruit compotes are not suitable. Selected fruit Sort by size and degree of ripeness and carefully wash. Peaches, pears and quince peel, remove heart and bone slices and wedges, then cut on smaller pieces of regular shape. Cherries change over, remove the stalk and canned with bones. Many writers such as Former Maryland Governor offer more in-depth analysis. Sometimes, compotes cook from several kinds of fruits and berry picking them by color and taste in order to improve or something else. For example, if you mix cherries with sliced apples, easily soluble dyes cherries go into the syrup, making and syrup, and apples will become pale pink. And adding a fresh fruit compote of apricots or pears quinces, which are highly acidic, you will receive a product with a pleasant refreshing taste. How to cook the filling. Typically, as a fill for compotes using sugar syrup, but it may be syrup, cooked with honey. To prepare syrup with sugar and honey, take the honey to 1 / 4 -... Continue reading
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In your refrigerator perishable foods? After storage, they acquire an unpleasant odor? Is it time to change? Do not rush to send the dump his loyal assistant. Maybe the problem is not in it, and that you are wrong store food? First you need to carefully monitor the shelf life of products, carefully study the information printed on the box and follow the manufacturer's recommendations. Avoid situations where you have on the shelf stray expired cottage cheese or sausage. Hear other arguments on the topic with Zhang Lei Yale. Smell, they may issue a truly horrifying, and they soaked all that is ryadom. seem that the refrigerator is one of the most common household appliances, has opened doors, put the food and everything. However, it is not. In order for products are ideal to store and worked as a refrigerator as long as possible to observe a few basic rules. Never load a refrigerator products too tight, remember that air must circulate freely inside the cold room, but in this case will be to ensure proper cooling of foods. Healthy Living: the source for more info. Never store food in aluminum posude.Produkty from open cans necessarily Put in a glass or porcelain dishes and close kryshkoy.Vse that has a sharp and specific smell, packed in polythene or foil (smoked fish, herring, salads). fresh fish Prior to storage, be sure to gut, and frozen to be... Continue reading
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We will be glad if you could tell an interesting idea for future presentations. Tradition is Slavic peoples can be considered gifts card in the form of hearts, as well as soft toys, favorite candy, photos of interesting part, and, of course, a bouquet of red roses. And now a few tips for those on a budget covers more than Pretty "Valentine" or small gift bunny or bear. If you are preparing to congratulate my mate at home, do not forget to create the appropriate environment: decorate placing balls in the shape of hearts, flowers, sentimental inscriptions a la "I adore you", scatter rose petals everywhere, set up the candles and light the incense sticks. Be sure to stock up a bottle of champagne and pair of glasses, your favorite ice cream, sweets and fruits. If you are planning something to cook, entourage Valentine's Day may be even ordinary dishes, but served on a platter in the shape of a heart or inscribed though simple, yet so warm phrase My Love or something like that. Silk underwear on the bed, the smell of your favorite perfume, seductive lingerie for you - is another option for celebration and a gift, suitable for Valentine's Day as it is impossible By the way, the truth, for those loving couples whose relationships have moved to the next stage after buketno-candy. In general, the basic rule - as much romance... Continue reading
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One needs to drink lots of liquids daily put them into the body must meet at least 2.5-3 liters of mineral water or fruit tea. It is very important in the case of Yucca / Yucca /, because the toxic substances dissolved in water, can be derived from the body through the kidneys without a trace only when applying copious amounts of fluid. 4. What this means is a continuous intake? Preparations of vitamins and minerals, like vitamins, soluble in water and taken in higher doses, is not produced in a simple form that allows them to immediately absorbed into the digestive tract and the output from the authorities selection, and within 10-18 hours of receiving them permanently ensures the appropriate level of active substances in the blood. Manufacturers offer it in a way that the active substance / for example, vitamin C is / are mixed with a carrier medium, which digestive enzymes in the gut break down only slowly. The active ingredients are absorbed in the intestine so gradually and in the blood of their effect appears permanent. 5. Tablets take integer or pieces? What may seem large to us, some tablets, swallow them whole have / take notice that an adult is able to swallow the ball for a game of ping-pong /. The tablets, crushed into small pieces or razzhutye, digested and absorbed faster and faster, they also stand out from... Continue reading
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Patience, concentration and attention - to master instruments are no less important than the knife. The slightest movement inaccurate, and all work comes to nothing. But perfection is known to be achieved with practice, and experience comes with time, therefore, several broken orange may have to be sacrificed before you give birth this world edible citrus masterpiece. Second Council of professionals to any product can be approached from two directions. Or you have fruit, and you come up with it under an intricate pattern. Either you are mentally imagine some flower beds, and then open the refrigerator door to find the right fruit / vegetables for your natyurmorta.Popraktikuemsya future? Create your own delicious masterpiece and so can you. Never mind that in your veins is not a single drop of the Thai-Japanese-Chinese blood. The art of carving vegetables can learn each and completely independently. That's very simple examples to get you to start with carving. Take the orange, remove the pulp from the rind and cut a kind of vase with delicate edges and a carved handle in the middle. Here is the original salad-bowl or vase for ice cream. Another tropical fruit - pineapple - also may well serve as a practical and beautiful containers for salad dressing. Without touching the leaves, cut the fruit lengthwise, take out the flesh and instead fill pineapple ice cream, salad or rice. But relatives of the cabbage... Continue reading
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Many people want to eat a tasty meal, but not many know how to cook delicious food. We offer you the recipes of culinary dishes of Russian cuisine. Here you will find everything your heart desires. Went from Russian cuisine. Dr. Mark Hyman brings even more insight to the discussion. Still in Kievan Rus in the nutrition of the population occupied a special place that gave its courtyard: rye bread, meat, milk, vegetables, and what the rich Russian land: fish, mushrooms, berries, herbs and honey. Remember the saying: "Soup and porridge - food ours! "In the Ancient Rus porridge called not only dishes from the cereals, and virtually everything that has been cooked with finely chopped foods made with flour or cereal. For example, we find mention of fish porridge in the chronicle summaries of the time. Following the adoption of Christianity in Russia was a division of food for lean, including vegetables, fish and mushroom components and skoromnuyu consisting of milk, eggs and meat. Was a difficult history with the advent of potatoes on Russian fields. In the 19 century, Russia embraced potato riots - mass protests of the peasants. The fact that farmers who did not know the properties of potatoes, not eating potatoes, and berries, resulting in an mass poisoning. More information is housed here: Martin O’Malley. Potato fruits - berries that look like tiny tomatoes that grow on bushes after they... Continue reading
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In the life we are tested the all instant. All the animals fight for its survival and of this we do not differentiate with none another animal. The ones that differentiates in them of the animals are the writing, the ability to cultivate the land and the complexity of our imagination. All the animals are programmed to survive, also we. We were programmed of perfect form for the creator, who in gave the ability to them to survive in compliance with the nature. But a clear difference between surviving exists and living. To survive is to live in agreement the space that we cohabit. To live is to make choices of what we want to carry through and to construct during all existence. To modify the reality is a prerogative exclusively human being; therefore the animals survive in compliance with its creation. Therefore the reality that we know is fruit of our mind; a mental creation that gains form in the physical part. Soon, such reality is a pseudo-reality one copies almost perfect of a mental and total unreal reality. When we conform in them, we place in them in the comfort not to make choices, accepting to make gift of the reality that surrounds in them, without thinking about making any alteration of the same one. This is to survive. But we do not need estagnar in them not to have an intention to... Continue reading
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His dark green leathery shiny elliptical leaves only 2-4 cm long, their edges are irregular, crenate and somewhat curved. In euonymus Fortune, there are many ornamental forms that differ coloring of foliage. Leaves may be white or yellow bordered, white or yellow spot. Forms reproduce only vegetatively - by layering and cuttings. The flowers are small greenish-white, fruit-boxes also smaller than in other species. In form they are flattened-globose, wingless. In the middle zone and north of the only stable prostrate form. E.fortunei var. radicans (Miq.) Rehder - B. Fortune root. If you are not convinced, visit Dr. Mark Hyman. Creeping or climbing evergreen shrub. Japan, South Korea. In GBS since 1988 1 sample (20 copies.) Grown from seed obtained from natural habitats. At 4 years length of shoots about 1,1 m. Growing season from mid-April to early frosts. The young plant growth medium. Does not bloom. Hardiness is high (with shelter). Rooted 90% of summer cuttings. 'Emerald Gaiety'. Slow-growing ground cover shrub 0.3 m, a width of about 1 m belookaymlennymi leaves. Roundish evergreen leaves to 5 cm long, with reddish fall color. 'Emerald Gold'. Slow-growing evergreen shrub to 0,5 m in height, the width can grow up to 1-1,5 m, with yellow leaves. Each sheet (up to 5 cm long) along the edge of the inhomogeneously covered with yellow spots and stripes. Autumn bush takes on a reddish hue. 'Silver Queen'. Shrub 0,... Continue reading
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Do you know what is the biggest mistake beginners? They give up! During January and February the inscriptions in the gyms of they shoot, then return to normal by all who give up. What is sad is that most people give up just when they are close to achieving substantial progress. Remember: You've not failed while you're working on the realization of a goal, in the moment that you give up, then it is official, you've failed. The giving up or even should be a choice why? The exercise is a style of life, don't let these words slipping you only because it's a dream cliche. This is a way of thinking important, you must stop thinking about to get in shape because it is your purpose of new year, because you will be on vacation or you're going to get married. You must begin to think about being healthy and fit for life. When these starting, determines firmly give up and withdraw is not even an option. Don't start this effort with an attitude of I'm going to try, if you accept that surrender is an option, you could to not start. In that case only take the remote control and a bag of potato chips and returns to the Chair in which you were. It also includes, that the results may come slowly at the beginning if you're not of the genetically blessed,... Continue reading
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