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Looking forward to seeing season 5 of Eureka. Awesome to hear you are back this year on the show. Can't wait to see it here in New Zealand. Just watched Big Bang Theory with you guest starring again. The episode where everyone is lining up to see Raiders at the theatre. Actually I guess I haven't watched all of it yet as my missus was tired so we had to stop watching. Will watch the rest tomorrow. Anyhoo, I recently got introduced to The Nerdist and listened to the episode with you and I couldn't stop laughing. Normally that's not a problem but since I listen to The Nerdist on my 40 minute commute to work, I kinda feel for the poor people around me as I attempt to stifle my bouts of laughter. An exercise in futility. By the way, I thought it was awesome that you had had a Video Toaster. I never got to have a tinker with that but I did play around with Lightwave 3D back on the Amiga. Well, I had better go. Tis after 1am and I've rambled on for too long. P.S. It's my birthday today or at least for you it will be tomorrow. So I better get to bed or I'll sleep in. Actually, I want to sleep in as I have the day off. Night! Have a great day at Eureka!
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Apr 7, 2011