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Posted by: josh | January 26, 2010 at 11:27 AM My compliment josh you do know your basketball I love talking to people that do
I am starting to dislike watching the Heat. Wade is so in love with Haslem he is causing the Heat to lose game He worried about keeping friendship instead of talent. I bet he is the reason SPO in putting Haslem in the game. This year was about developing the young guys to see what they will need in 2010 Beasley is shining and he is not playing in the 4th. I know they going to hate me for this but the best thing that can happen to the Heat is to TRADE HASLEM for a point guard that can defend and shoot (like steve blake or Iverson)
Guys, if Beasley was on the floor at the end of this game we win 1. Beasley can take Virago all day off the dribble he did it last game vs. the Cav 2. Beasley can score even if they guarding him. 3. Notice how hard Wade has to work to try to score when Beasley was on the bench 4. After the 3 shot by Haslem they took a time out put a player on Haslem and he was done. 5. Lastly, if Beasley was playing instead of Haslem Wade would not have pass the ball to Beasley there creating a turn-over
clarkpetion305 I love your post you took the word right out of my mouth I Wonder when Wade and spo is going to realize Beasley will help them win games. the only reason Wade made that mistake in the game is because he was trying to force feed Haslem. No wonder the AA is always empty they finally have a great rookie and they don't know what to do with him.
This is not the first time every time Michael is having one of those game they stop giving him the ball. and a lot of time Michael start having a good game some of the Heat players stop playing defense and offense. The Heat Player who dislike Beasley : (Haslem, Q-Rich and Chalmers) Wade problem is he does not want Beasley to take his best buddy spot on the team. Haslem Yell at beastly for no reason even when Beasley is playing well Q-Rich stop playing defense as soon as Beastley is playing well, start shooting 3’s as soon Beastley on the bench. I don’t know what right he has to yell at our second best player on the team Chalmers never give the ball to Beasley unless he has no other options Wade become Wade as soon as beastly goes to the bench and Haslem gets in the game and he works really hard to give Haslem the ball. I am going to simplify to all of you about last night game so you understand how bad they jealous of this kid They have a code among them don’t play well as long as Beastley is playing well. Did you notice in the game when Beatley fell no one call time out
I see it all the time and I have not missed a Heat game. The way they treat this kid is really bad. Look how San Antonio teammate was excited about whatever Blair was doing including Tim Duncan. Beasley never get the same treatment. It is really sad how they treat the kid no one get excited when he is playing well but they quick to chastise him if he make a mistake. They treat Mario Chalmers way better than him no offense to him but I don’t think he is a starting caliber point guard in this league. I love Wade but you need to start embracing Beastley the same way Eddie Jones and Lamar Odom embrace you when you were a rookie. I hate being a heat fan now
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