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There are a number of situations where people fail to look at the flip side... That software/equipment/engagement is too expensive! -- But how much is it costing you to not have it? What's the opportunity cost? If I offer training and development to my team members they will get smart and leave. - You you'd rather have them remain dumb and stay? If we do it like everyone else (buy IBM, hire a big name consulting firm, etc.) then we're safe. -- and you will get the same results as everyone else. Is that safe? I wonder what it is about humans that makes it so hard to see the costs of non-action?
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MIchelle; I think we've all taken the wrong work, or the wrong client - hopefully the pain of those experiences help us to learn to say no the next time. The one that I see folks falling for is the right client, the right time, but no enough money. This client is going to be referancable, or introduce us to lots of new work, so they take it at a steep discount. It's another form of draining us, but somehow more seductive. Thanks for posting! Brad
Terrific post, we don't need more emails written by "professionals" that are totally void of all humanity, humor or personality! Timbuk2 has agents that have terrific personalities, are self-deprecating and interacting with them is a pleasure. It's fun! MailChimp is good at this too. When one of our team members had a problem with their product they thanked her for calling and pointing it out! We need more of THAT!
Sometimes the comments make me think more than the article and in this case Charles' comment has done just that. I love the message and tone in your replies Charles, either of them would have made Starwood seem more human and compassionate; especially on a post about telling the truth!
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Oct 16, 2011