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I tend to use RAM as a compilation area for performance (compiling Android firmwares is significantly faster from a RAM disk than even a Flash SSD), that can eat up 10GB without too much trouble. Add into that I have a couple of virtual machines due to my machine being a Mac Pro (it's an 8 core so running some VMs doesn't end up with the system being CPU bound), the company accounts package being Windows only, and Froyo being most suited to building on Ubuntu, and the 20GB I have soon gets eaten away. If you also add in running a database instance loaded up with a few GB of data for performance testing you can hopefully see that 24GB or more can be useful. For consumers I agree, 24GB is a lot, but for people like me, where buying more RAM is makes economical sense in terms of being able to run VMs instead of buying machines which can run a OS, and the time saved in compilation due to using RAM instead of a physical disk, I can see the need for some people to go beyond 24 GB.
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Jan 20, 2011