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Nassau N.P. Bahamas
Human Action...Not Political Design
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The immediate market and political shock reactions to the thin-margin Brexit referendum result should not be taken as portents of coming cataclysm. The Leave vote may stagger the British pound, rock some global stock exchanges, topple a prime minister and depose a pro-EU leftist crank from the leadership of the... Continue reading
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The recent conversation over devaluation fears between Mr. Robert Myers and Mr. Gowon Bowe is intriguing. What is even more interesting is they are both right. Mr. Myers is correct in the sense that if the government does not start to reform its fiscal mess we will not be able... Continue reading
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Mr. Branville McCartney is the latest in a long line of business people that has felt the sting of the governments insensitive over regulation where presenting a Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) in order to get paid for services already rendered or under the terms of a contract that are being... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at
by Richard Coulson First published in The Tribune Insight and posted here with the kind permission of the author. Last week the US Republicans (GOP, or “Grand Old Party”) held their convention in Ohio, and this week our Free National Movement (FNM) will hold theirs here in Nassau. The two... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at
Note: Frustration with the modern day “interpretation” of Capitalism has made me start to re-read Johan Norberg’s In Defense of Global Capitalism and thought our readers might be interested in this review by Professor Donald Boudreaux. Hope you enjoy this review and will purchase the book. In Defense of Global... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at
Watching this fabulous Uncommon Knowledge interview with Christopher Buckley recently it set the mind wondering about the upcoming US elections and their choice of candidates for the GOP and the DNC. Oddly enough, Mr. Buckley has opined in his elegant prose on both Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump. In a... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at
by Adrian Gibson Based on the Prime Minister’s comments this week, it appears that the post-Perry Christie era within the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) will be interminably delayed. It is clear that Mr Christie has designs on dying in office of old age and/or stress related complications. According to Mr... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at
Dear Editor WeblogBahamas, After “chequing” out Sideburns cartoon in this morning’s Guardian and having recently read other less than flattering remarks made about Mr. Symonette in various media by both PLPs and FNMs, the stark reality is that many black Bahamians even after almost fifty years of majority rule, still... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at
According to the flashy supplement in yesterday’s Nassau Guardian, “The Bahamas Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) is hosting the 41st Conference of the Caribbean, Americas and Atlantic Region of the CPA during the period 22-30 July, 2016. The Conference is being held at the Coral Towers of Atlantis,... Continue reading
Posted Jul 21, 2016 at
Sir Franklyn argued recently that "that Opposition supporters were almost willing it to happen (a Moody's downgrade) in the belief it would boost their party’s prospects in the upcoming general election." But he suggests investors need to shake that off and take more risks. Unfortunately his ties to the governing... Continue reading
Posted Jul 20, 2016 at
Dear Editor, Have you been down to the Department of Inland Revenue’s brand new building located in the back of beyond on Carmichael Road? I have only just discovered it myself and have been trying ever since to pay for this year’s Business Licence - I think I’m just starting... Continue reading
Posted Jul 19, 2016 at
Leslie Miller, PLP MP for Tall Pines claims Dr. Hubert Minnis would be the best leader for the opposition FNM because he “…is a man [who] represents the small Bahamian.” In this article he goes on to say, “It’s time for some small, black Bahamians to get something in this... Continue reading
Posted Jul 18, 2016 at
Dear Editor, It’s rare that any legal cases have serious public implications. The press reports often make them seem too turgid and technical to attract reader attention. But this one is different. Simply put, Grand Power Company (GBC) is denying that it is subject to our national utility regulator, URCA.... Continue reading
Posted Jul 17, 2016 at
by Adrian Gibson Over the last few days, many Bahamians have pulled up a chair to observe the war of the travel advisories between The Bahamas and the United States. On July 8, the beginning of the Independence holiday weekend, The Bahamas’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a travel advisory... Continue reading
Posted Jul 16, 2016 at
by Dr. Donald M. McCartney, DM President Barack Obama in a recent speech given in Warsaw, Poland said that Sunshine is the best and most effective disinfectant. He said this to illustrate how the social media is being used to expose the behaviour of law enforcement officers who do not... Continue reading
Posted Jul 15, 2016 at
by Richard Coulson First published in The Tribune and posted here with the kind permission of the author. This week and next, the warriors of the dreaded international rating agencies will ride into town to pick at the bones of our financial structure. Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s (S&P), each... Continue reading
Posted Jul 14, 2016 at
Question: Who could have predicted fall out from Mr. Mitchell’s US travel advisory? Answer: Everyone except Mr. Mitchell of course! In typical fashion the country’s chief “diplomat” didn’t look before he took the plunge to poke the US in the eye. Something he seems to get excited about. Anyone with... Continue reading
Posted Jul 13, 2016 at
Dear WeblogBahamas Editor, It’s one thing when moronic bank tellers demand a current passport as identification - actually I take that back, the teller is not the moron it is the senior bank management, who writes the ludicrous operations manuals - but a Government department demanding the same, uh, uh,... Continue reading
Posted Jul 12, 2016 at
by Adrian Gibson WHILST WE have accomplished much since our Independence in 1973, we continue to be a country that celebrates “flag independence”, more so than what it means to be truly economically and socially diverse and self-determining. Much is left to be accomplished. Observably, with few exceptions, in the... Continue reading
Posted Jul 11, 2016 at
I must admit to feeling some relief after reading Mr. Smith's apparent recanting of his "fire Moody's if they downgrade us" comment a couple days ago. However, in citing all the reasons we will not or cannot default, he seems to hope that Moody's will forget the fiscal trajectory the... Continue reading
Posted Jul 9, 2016 at
by Adrian Gibson The Bahamas is on the fast track to an economic downgrade. The governing Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) has grossly mismanaged our economy. The economy has nearly ground to a halt, the unemployment level is rocketing and Bahamians are crying for help. The PLP’s year-over-year projections of growth... Continue reading
Posted Jul 8, 2016 at
Photo: Nassau Guardian A former Central Bank Governor and former Minister of State for Finance has called for the Government to terminate its contract with Moody's if they should be presumptuous enough (my words) to downgrade The Bahamas again. Oh sure, let's make the government even more opaque by firing... Continue reading
Posted Jul 7, 2016 at
In a book by The Fraser Institute and the Mercatus Center entitled “What America’s Decline in Economic Freedom Means for Entrepreneurship and Prosperity” Liya Palagashvili writes: “The most important force powering economic growth is not a handful of grand innovators and “big names” but, rather, a constant and thriving entrepreneurial... Continue reading
Posted Jul 6, 2016 at
Moody's announced Friday, July 1, 2016 that The Bahamas Baa2 rating is on review for a downgrade. The government has not been on a sound fiscal footing for years now and growing the debt as dramatically as it has been doing, with ever increasing deficits it is not helping its... Continue reading
Posted Jul 5, 2016 at