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No, not everybody needs to learn to code, to the same degree, that not everyone needs to learn maths. How many of us apply the maths we learn in school to our lives (apart from the basics). Yet, is considered important that everybody gets exposed to maths in school. This is part of a rounded education. What would happen, if maths wasn't thought in schools beyond basic level. Do you think society would move forward from that? Do you think that those who love it, would naturally pursue it outside of class room. Do you think, they would do it in sufficient numbers to keep wheels of industry moving. I don't think so. I would consider myself as having an aptitude for programming and a love of programming, yet I never got exposed to it until I was 27. I wish that programming had been a subject in my school. Of course, a lot depends on how the subject would be thought (preferably project based rather then exam based). Now, I look at my own country, Ireland. Stuck in the biggest slump since the founding of the state, with 15% unemployment rate. You might think that in this environment, it should be easy to find workers. Not in programming, though: There are thousands of vacancies in this sector, and companies are having to fill these roles by importing staff. This is nuts in my opinion. Thats why, I think programming should be thought in schools, so that we reach the minimum quota of programmers that we need to move forward. Going back to the concept of a rounded education. Maths is considered a vital component of a rounded education, because it permeates the world of industry and progress, amongst other things. Without a sufficient amount of experts in this area, society could not move forward. By the same token coding is driving almost every area of industry today. Think of robotics, industrial design and modeling, energy regulation etc. Its upturning the music, film, education and news industry. Can you say the same about plumbing?
Toggle Commented May 26, 2012 on So You Want to be a Programmer at Coding Horror
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Feb 28, 2012