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Conservatives love freeloaders - RIght-to-work encourages workers to stop paying their fair share for union representation.
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You're trying to make a distinction between ground game and suppression but they are linked too closely to distinguish - the legislative efforts to suppress Dem votes are a key part of the GOP ground game. See for example PA GOP Leader Turzai on PA voter ID and how it will allow Romney to win PA: And though your (falsely equivalent) headline implies that in-person voter fraud is a tactic employed by Dems just as voter suppression is employed by the GOP, you cite absolutely no evidence that in-person voter fraud actually exists, much less that it is employed as a tactic by Florida Dems.
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Of course, Obama's "cuts" actually accrue as savings to seniors while Ryan's cuts result in seniors paying $6,500 more each year out of pocket. But. The same!
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Apr 27, 2012