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A number of years ago now I went through a monumental clinical depression far worse than the blues I'd had a handful of times since high school. I saw someone who specialized not just in the talk therapy I'd had forever with MSW's but a Phd who worked with Cognitive Behaviorial Therapy -- that in combination with some anti-depressants (shortlived) and ulitmately bilateral movement (read: running when I was ambitious -- walking now) -- was really transformative for me. I also read a lot of Pema Chodron ... I wish I could recommend the man I saw (over by the U) but he moved to Australia (thanks Universe). As for teachers & boys -- we had one of those W's third grade year and I really think it exacerbated W's tendency to dislike school -- I do think that having a supportive environment is key and not being afraid to lobby for a switch of classrooms -- we have a co-parenting situation with another family so all of our decisions with regard to W are almost impossible to make via committee -- so ultimately he stayed where he was which, I think, is a mistake only starting to be rectified two years later... and socializing? I live in the cave a few mountain ranges past that hollow tree so I'm not much help there. Pam
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