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Democrats would just like taxpaying worker bees be slaves so that we can take care of every need and want the illegal immigrants and minorities want.
You just sound cynical and unhappy, Steve van Dulken. Telco Motionettes were very popular in the late 80's and 90's and are now collectibles that can go for hundreds on eBay.
Oh yeah, that's VICIOUS! (get a grip) Celebrities put themselves and their obnoxious opinions out there. They shouldn't start crying when people respond in kind. And neither should losers like entertainment media who try desperately to protect their celebrity gods.
Toggle Commented Jan 27, 2013 on AFDI pwns Hamas-CAIR at Atlas Shrugs
This guy is the biggest hater of American Christians there is. I could care less what he has to say about anything.
Bring it, you vile libs! Thankgawd, someone finally called out that hateful wretched Wasserman.
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I don't understand how China can be seen as so strong if we take away the jobs we give them and they lose half their economy.
Wow, you're just a nasty lowlife. There's no intellectual point to this.
I am not trying to be disrespectful in being off topic, but I know you know LtCol. Allan West and I just hope he knows about his fellow brave LtCol. Lakin. Respectfully.
Holy Crap, are you kidding me? Did you guys read that article by that mentally-ill person on Huffington Post? It's like Obama needs another Peace Prize for doing what Republicans have been begging Democrats to do per drilling for decades. The Left is certifiably insane. They're dangerous, they're delusional, and they're going to do something horrific in their delusional state. They're off the deep end. It's interesting how he stuck it to Alaska.
Well done, Jamieos! You're doing better than me because I have a home loan. If you take their money away, they have no power. I wish I had the guts to go off the grid. I am looking to relocate somewhere I can grow my own food/eggs and get involved in a small community.
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2010 on Mastercard............. Slavecard at Atlas Shrugs
Boycott. I'll do the same. We actually have the ability to destroy our leadership in the Western World, but I'm almost sure Westerners would never sacrifice enough to do it. Refuse to comply. Mass civil disobedience. Don't shop. Don't buy news papers. Don't watch television, especially cable. Drive as little as possible. Use as little electricity/gas as possible. Don't borrow money from the Bankers. This is the only way to win back a free America. DON'T GIVE OUR GOVERNMENT YOUR MONEY, and win back your Country.
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2010 on Mastercard............. Slavecard at Atlas Shrugs
I don't understand, or care, why it makes no sense to you. That woman knew she had a pregnant unmarried daughter that would effect the election and our country and she selfishly ran anyway. A good percentage of Republicans rally around her like she's a god and I have no idea what she did to deserve it. It's ignorant. She's a quitter who bashes people from her FaceBook page. Please. And I cannot even understand what she's saying half the time myself.
DaWoman endorses RINO McCain with the same mouth she endorses Lt. West. That's sickening. It's like Palin is the Republicans' rock star to match the Obamabots. She risked the election for all of us running with a pregnant unmarried daughter.
Green Infidel: Saudi Arabia, Khalid al-Mansour's buddies who put Obama through Harvard.
Gawd, I hope they succeed before it's too late for their demographics as it is in the USA, Western Europe and the Commonwealths. Eastern Europe will be the only homeland left for White Christian-heritage people. I had NO idea Eastern Europe was being as ignorant as the rest of us and pumping the Muslims into their countries.
Why do you post this stuff and make me have the dry heaves?
Yes, ender, he probably did make Bibi use the trash exit too. I have to PINCH myself to believe this is happening in my country!
This is not my country anymore. I think it's time we started a new one.
The jihadis and their supporters *are* rubbing their hands with glee. They're all over the Internet ratcheting up hatred for Israel for "embarrassing America" and calling for the USA and Israel to break the relationship. They elected an Islamic radical. I knew that. WHAT WERE PEOPLE THINKING WHEN HE BOWED LIKE THAT? WHAT ARE PEOPLE IGNORING THINGS? The sad thing is I don't think the liberals care. I don't think many of them care about Israel. I haven't heard much from your Jewish community in the USA. I think Marxism is a stronger religion for them.
lol, that is the coolest flag. Well done.
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2010 on Israelis Protest 'Obama Intifada' at Atlas Shrugs
This is a generated crisis. It didn't happen with Bibi the way they're accusing him. I'm not Israeli, I'm not Jewish, I'm not even Christian -- I have no intense reason to defend Israel, but this is the same kind of thing they did towards Bush with Katrina. They took truth and added an intent that wasn't there, like Katrina and racism. Obama was just waiting for something with Israel that he could respond with indignation and fake outrage. He was going to pick a fight with Israel regardless. He was going to block weapons and try to cause Israel stress regardless -- just like the Leftist filth caused to the USA and our troops in the war (with a million different issues, GITMO, torture, etc). And they got total control of the USA by doing that. I'm scared to death for Israel.
That POS son of his didn't know his father. If his son had listened to one word that his father said, he would realize that he grew up to be anti-American filth.
I'm scared to death for Israel. I knew it would happen if they put this filthy man in the White House.
@John, Muslims are not bad because of Americans. If you think Blame-America-first is conservative, you're a moron.