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Well, yes... You can assume I was expecting that this hypothetical ad would not be rubbish. Participation is clearly not a band-aid for shit telly creative ;) My question was more along the lines of: between 2 awesome ads, where one is influenced in some way by participation, and the other not at all... what value there?
Thanks for this post, it's deeply good. It reminded me in some ways of the recent "Majority Report" post over on BBH Labs, only less knee-jerk contrarian and with better stats to back it up ;) @che23, woah there! Let's not throw the baby out with the bath water! It's clearly not the case that nobody "participates" in campaign activity, or with brands in a broader sense. No doubt brands need to work much harder than they do already to provide people with compelling reasons to do so, especially in social spaces (the words "Like us on Facebook" do not a compelling call-to-action make). But given that interaction (ie. "doing something" rather than just "consuming something") is the lingua franca of digital platforms - and that even broadcast channels are becoming increasingly and irrevocably digital - the idea that participation, in its broadest sense, is dead is surely short-sighted. @martin - I especially liked the way you tried to consider not just the relative merits of broadcast versus participation, but the relationship between the two. I think this in-between space - how broadcast messages can inform the participatory experience, and vice versa - is certainly the most exciting area for the industry to explore and experiment with over the next few years. I'd be interested to know your thoughts on how valuable you think the idea of co-creation can be for even passive consumers. By which I mean: how might it change your experience of a TV ad if you know that consumers were in some way involved in the creation of your seeing? How valuable is it to make TV responsive to what's going on digitally? And how might that change the punter's perception of the brand?
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Feb 14, 2012