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That sound you hear is a million geeks breathing a sigh of relief that this passed the Wil Wheaton test!! Thank the makers. Did you see the Simpsons where Alan Moore is approached to sign "Watchmen Babies" by a clueless Milhouse? Ohhhh the geekery... Was waiting for this post all day - thanks, man!
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I wish I'd never lent out my Illuminati cards and never got them back years ago. I still have one or two, but what the frak. When I have the discretionary income, the whole set will again be mine!! (Along with Sunken Treasure)
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2009 on very quick orccon recap at WWdN: In Exile
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First off, thanks for this The Night Air rec - I loved the fairy tales sound-collage and really look forward to checking out more. Great idea for a podcast and great production value. Secondly, I wanted to leave you a note on Dancing Barefoot, which I just finished reading this morning. I thought I'd leave it on one of your older blogs so as not to hi-jack another blog's comments thread with something entirely different, but alas the comments are closed on the DB blogs I found. Not only did I really enjoy it, but my godmother, with whom I was quite close growing up, just passed away and we just ended the week of funerals, wakes, and house-moving, etc. I had a quite-similar (and still fresh in my head/ on my heart) driving-to-her-house-the-last-time and saying goodbye and very much appreciated your putting 'Houses in Motion' together. That expressed a lot of what had been going through my head, and I had a good cry, which I needed. I read Just a Geek about a month ago and remember some of the excerpts from there, but the whole book is really well put together. Vegas Squarepants is a classic. Kudos to your friend Ben, as well - great illustrations and they really worked well with the text. I guess I'll have to read Happiest Days next. Or listen to it, rather - I like the idea of the audio footnotes / asides, etc. I sound obsessed, Haha - I'm not going to boil your bunny, I assure you, but I've become a huge fan of this site and your writing lately, so just wanted to publicly express my happiness with it all. I hope we get more of it soon. And lastly, a friend gave me a copy of a War of the Worlds performance from the nineties with yourself, Leonard Nimoy, Dwight Schultz et al. I enjoyed it but had trouble "finding" you in the cast. (I was driving, so I didn't have the liner notes on hand) Once I could look it up, I saw you played "the commander." I assume that's the guy in the bomber plane near the end of side one? That was you? I was quite impressed - I'm really critical of New England accents, being a Rhode Islander myself, and you nailed it quite well. I didn't even recognize you. Kudos - the WWdotNet community would enjoy it! Holy wordy post - sorry everyone! Rock on.
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2009 on Podcasts I love: The Night Air at WWdN: In Exile
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Reading these blogs always re-orients me to The Happy, but seriously - seeing this kind of stuff and reading the comments thread(s) reaffirm my psyched-ness to be alive. Thanks for this, BerryBuzz and Mike! (And Wil and everyone else, of course. Carry on, rock soldiers)
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Amen, brutha - everyone already said it perfectly, but just wanted to add my voice to the chorus.
Toggle Commented Jan 18, 2009 on unintended consequences at WWdN: In Exile
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