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Years ago there was this fragrance called Annam by Tan Giudicelli which combined a prominent rice note with jasmine, lily, woods, vanilla, and a touch of tuberose. The effect was gently spiced milky rice pudding without any heaviness; it was just sweet enough but not overpowering. I adored it! I'm hoping this will somehow fill that void. Although I love OJ's Champaca, it doesn't quite feel like a substitute, but a different thing altogether. By the way, I love one of your earlier comments that this is like Shalimar done a la Tokyo or Thailand instead of India - that's extremely evocative and helpful to me. Thanks for this review, I've been wondering about this and Bijou Romantique!
Dark roses are one of my favorite types of fragrances. Recently, I've been loving MFK's Lumiere Noire pour Femme, which combines a dark, spicy rose with the Egyptian musk base you can find in Kurkdjian's own Narciso Rodriguez For Her. It's as good as dark rose perfumes get for me!
I love this note and I'm so happy to see your article this morning! I was first introduced to it through Yves Rocher's bath products, some of which are still available. Sadly, I've never smelled the real thing. To me, it combines my favorite aspects of tuberose (rubbery, skinline creaminess), jasmine (its sweetness) plus it has its own thing going with spicy, foody edges. I absolutely love it!
Oh, wow, such fantastic news! My only hope is that it stays true to its original character.
What a fun series! Thank you for posting it. I personally love those sexy musky/oriental/spicy/leather/dirty blends and find them most comforting and therefore relaxing. I have to be careful when I put them on, and not to overdo it, as most people don't feel the same way about these types of scents. It's also the same thing with jasmine/tuberose/gardenia fragrances, whatever is sexy and fleshy, I want to sleep wearing it!
Can't believe I missed this posting - so fun! One of my very favorite layering combos is Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur with L'Artisan Dzing. Works incredibly well on me. Thanks for the story!
I love VeT! I agree that the floral notes take a definite backseat to the spicy, earthy notes in this blend, but I still love it. I love white floral fragrances as well as dirty, animalic ones, and I was happy to discover this perfume combined my favorite elements in one. On a side note, I recently acquired a house and therefore a beautiful garden, and I have been planting any white flowers in it that will grow in zone 6b climate (which limits me greatly when it comes to these types of plants). I told my boyfriend we'll have to move someplace warmer, not that I enjoy hot weather, but because I want tuberose growing in my garden! Right now, only perfume can fill that olfactory void.
I have not worn this in a while, but I have a full bottle and you've inspired me to revisit the fragrance. I love its richness, and on my skin, the sweet, spicy notes are balanced with something that smells almost loamy, dirty. It's a fabulous scent, thanks for writing about it! I believe that Miomia in Brooklyn also carries this line.
This just made my day! Thanks for the recipe!
My aunt just went there with her two kids, and they're loving every second of it (we're from the south-eastern part, right next to the Ukrainian border). It's a great time of year to be in Poland. You're making me nostalgic :) Whenever I go, my grandma makes fresh farmer's cheese from scratch, it's the most wonderful thing in the world and it still remains one of my favorite flavors in the whole world. I love to eat my farmer's cheese on freshly baked bread with sliced tomatoes. In fact, if I had to eat one thing for the rest of my life, that's what it would be. Enjoy your stay in Poland!
Strawberries with sour cream are a childhood favorite :) I grew up in Poland and enjoyed strawberries picked from my mother's garden with sour cream, or with kefir, which I still can get here. You're right, creme fraiche works really well, too. We also mashed them up and mixed them either with sugar or honey and just ate them like that, straight out of the cup. But sour cream is still my favorite :)
I just got around to sampling this after reading your review - it's lovely! People in my office are circling my desk asking what delicious things I've eaten. Wow, it's very nice! I dismissed this fragrance at first thinking it's just another boring vanilla, but I'm happy to admit I was wrong. It's really, really good and quite wearable for someone who doesn't like strong, foody notes in perfume. Bois Blonds is another favorite of mine from Atelier.
Nice pick to start off the week! I feel like this particular fragrance has been getting mixed word of mouth, being compared to men's aftershave and similar products, which I feel it doesn't deserve. I love its musky herbaceous notes anchored by the warm vanilla-amber base. My skin amplifies musky notes which means that initially, this is very strong, but I can get past that to enjoy the fabulous drydown. It's my favorite fragrance from this brand next to Love and Tears and Beyond Love. Thank you for the review :)
I love this line, and I adore this fragrance. Another recent favorite of mine from the line is Vierges et Toreros, a sexy, animalic leather tuberose blend. They have quite a few gems in the line, although there are a couple of them that I can't wear at all. Thanks for the great write-up!
I just tried BL thanks to your great review, and I adore it! It's joining Carnal Flower and Fracas as my fave tuberose. I'm so glad By Killian offers the refill bottles, as I'm going to have to get this and Love and Tears really soon... Thanks for steering me towards this great tuberose fragrance :)
I absolutely adore this brand, but I wish they changed their packaging somewhat to reflect just how exciting and well done the fragrances inside them are. I love how they offer small, affordable bottles. Odalisque, Juste un Reve, New York and Sacrebleu are some of my favorite fragrances, ever. Thanks for the post and spreading the word about this fantastic brand!
After our awfully long winter, I've been craving white florals for the past few months. My favorite spring scents so far have been L'Artisan's La Chasse EDT, Saffron James' Nani, Nasomatto's Nuda, Malle's Carnal Flower, Monyette Paris, Kai and Pacifica's Star Jasmine. You'd think I would overlead by now, but no... I'm still loving all of the tuberose, jasmine and pikake. Also, thanks to your review of Goutal's Neroli from a few days ago, I got to try it and it just may enter the rotation.
Tuberose - my favorite note of late! This coming from someone who prefers dark, moody, musky (and even skanky) compositions... but then again, white florals done the right way can fit nicely into this genre, can't they? No wonder I love them. I'm hopelessly obsessed with Carnal Flower but have not found many other tuberose-based scents that had even a fraction of the hold that CF has on me. I've been quite impressed with By Killian's white florals and I'm glad to hear that Beyond Love is another keeper. Thanks for the review
I meant to say CCB-Paris is now defunct in the US...
I miss Tan Giudicelli's Annam, which smelled like milky, spicy rice pudding. I have not been able to find anything else that smells like it. It was sold by CCB-Paris (not defunct in the US) about 10 years ago if not more. If there was one thing I could ask for again, it would be to have Annam on the market again! It was truly fabulous. I'm glad because it sounds like you have good memories of Warsaw. My godfather lives there and I spent many summers with him in the city as a child. It's not a beautiful place, since so much of it was destroyed during WWII, but I find it very cosmopolitan and lively. I feel like it has its best days ahead of it still.
Hmmm.... FM Carnal Flower SL Chergui L'Artisan Dzing FM Musc Ravageur Frapin But that would probably change slightly if you asked me again in one hour :) 5 is just not enough... PS. I love your blog. You cover a greater variety than most other blogs out there, including mainstream fragrances that many wouldn't even touch, and I respect that. Plus given your expertise in the field I feel like we're getting a little "extra" in your blog. Thank you.
I own both niche and classic fragrances, many of which have in common complex, unusual and dark compositions that I tend to favor. This is one of the reasons why I much prefer niche fragrances to mainstream ones, for their variety in compositions as well as a willingness to take risks. I also find that mainstream frags are almost exclusively geared towards the young, traditionally feminine market (ie lots of fruity florals), which doesn't really jive with my own tastes (I like less traditionally feminine frags that contain strong leather and animalic musk, but I also go crazy for white florals - try to find a mainstream fragrance that contains all of these together!).
Oh, I've purchased many fragrances unsniffed - and while I liked many, I only loved very few. Great example of that is the PG line. I love and wear only Coze and Ylang Ivohibe but can't wear so many I've gotten, like Bois de Copaiba (even though I like it! I just find it too heavy). I recently had great success with Saffron James' Nani, and even though I tend not to be a floral lover, I've fallen hard for this one.
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Feb 22, 2011