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I wonder what conditions this test was run under. The Windows 8 native app life cycle has apps that aren't in the foreground suspended. There are only a few small allowed activities for background tasks under that app life cycle... the generally are audio and background downloads. Was desktop IE used here, or Metro? What other apps were running in the background? This is to me the main reason the Surface gets much better batter life than the Surface Pro. The pro runs full windows, with all the background stuff allowed... while the Surface is native apps only which are all suspended and there is very little background activity happening. BOb
>This little HTPC box just keeps getting more versatile over time, while costing me less (in power consumption, at least) every year. Have you done a cost calculation? I'm sure it cost you less in power to run, but how long will you have to run this to break even on the hard ware you just paid for? BOb
Toggle Commented Sep 18, 2013 on The 2013 HTPC Build at Coding Horror
>>What's even more amazing is that Microsoft is actually pricing the upgrade sanely. Can you believe it's only $40 to upgrade from Windows 8 from XP, Vista, or Windows 7? It's like someone at Microsoft woke up and finally listened to what I've desperately been trying to tell them for years. Sorry... I beat you to it by several months. ;) Windows 8 and the Surface tablet is the only reason I haven't ordered a new MacPro Retina yet. I hope it comes out soon so I can decide. BOb
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2012 on Betting the Company on Windows 8 at Coding Horror
Dare I say it? Card Spaces and InfoCards. It was very similar to your "drivers license". It also allowed for various identity providers so you aren't limited to 1 issuer. There are only 2 small problems that I think prevented it from being used. 1. Identities were not portable. (BIG PROBLEM) 2. It was mostly Windows. If you solve problem 1 then problem 2 will solve it self because web sites would start supporting it. Of course, info cards are very similar to client certificates. I believe these can be installed on multiple PCs. However, don't think they have the security of InfoCards due to the fact that every web site sees the same id, where as with InfoCards each web site gets a different token so they can't match you from site to site. BOb
Sounds exactly like cardspace and info cards. Although it never took off.. .for three reasons I think... 1. It was window's only... although there were mac and linux implementions. 2. The info cards were not portable but installed on a specific PC. 3. No major web sites really implemented it. Heck, even microsoft still stuck with passport nee live id. BOb
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2010 on Your Internet Driver's License at Coding Horror
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