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I'm a painter & decorator and am a hobbies programmer. I would love to work as a programmer but I'm not that good at it. My knowledge is vast, developed over 10 years and dozens of books and half a degree in computing covering concurrency and other advanced subjects but I lack detailed knowledge of anything but so what I enjoy it. When I come across people who call them self's programmer I love to talk code but often find out they are nonprogramming programmers. It's funny that someone who makes websites in a web framework and does a bit of code editing (usually in PHP) would consider them self as programmers. I don't think it just programming but this is a problem through out the computing industry. Even more so with web design and Internet marketing. You even get this in painting & decorating most people think they can paint but they would soon get stuck knowing how to deal with damp exterior walls, repairing damaged wall paper which is no longer in stock and why should paint older properties in vapour-permeable paint. To be skilled in any field you need to always work with a sense experimentation, with an open mind to leering new stuff. I have been a decorator for 15 years and know more than I did last year and I know that in a years time I'll know even more. I hate amateurs thinking they are pros!
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Mar 23, 2010