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Yes let us know were your at in HELL so that we can send you a kiss my ass post card. A good muslim is a dead one.
Well lets put it this way to the politicians it was ok for Hitler to open concentration camps because it created jobs for Nazis. Thats are real eye opener, killers for jobs; nice.
Not a nice way to start the week. As long as they continue to kill each other, no problem.
Leave my amendment right alone. Stop bowing to the murderous muslims instead, stand up for the rights of all Americans. Obama is a muslim, he will protect the savage because it is his duty as a muslim to do so. I will continue to protect the Constitution of the United States, even though the Representatives in Washington do not.
This is the same woman supposedly raped by muslims in Egypt, herself a muslim, seems that what comes out of this womans vile mouth is a lie. Jews and Christians have take enough shit from muslims, we have turned the other check to many times; it is our turn now.
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Sep 27, 2012