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Bobby D.
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I've read a few self-help books in the past (Ferris, Carnegie, Godin, etc).. The things I am looking for are real-world examples and ideas. I completely agree, 99% of these books are crap; however, the 1% make for an interesting read. @Renan Akamine - Same here! There are things you can do, though. For example, do your own research! Want to learn how to talk to people? Talk to people! Curious about what it takes to be a leader? Be a leader! Sure, there's a cost of failure (maybe you'll be ignored, maybe the team/event/etc you try to lead takes a down-turn), but with the right tools, friends, and associates (especially those that can actively act as mentors) you'd be surprised what you can accomplish. You are constantly presented with opportunities: company meeting? Out with friends? Hanging out with the family? Practice your communication skills (listening, complementing, understanding, and encouraging). Over time you start to understand what it takes to do it right, and why you might have been getting it wrong all this time.
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Jul 27, 2011