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Rui Palha is a strong photographer, but I can't help noticing that many of his images would be even stronger with some judicious cropping. The compulsion to use only full frame seems arbitrary to me, deliberately ignoring one of your basic tools. It's not a better image because you suppose full frame has a discipline and purity. I could just as easily point out that it makes you a slave to your equipment's format. The audience doesn't care, they only knows if the image works or doesn't work. I also find that Palha places contemporary architecture and mosaics as the primary visual focus in many of his photographs. To me that marks it as architectural rather than street photography, and even as him being guilty of photographing other people's artwork, something I think street photographers should be careful to avoid. You don't see that in Turnley's set, which is intensely human rather than abstract.
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Oct 26, 2011