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They also make a $5 metal handle coated in rubber that screws around the neck of the carboy. One of the most useful items I've purchased for my home brewery.
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I started homebrewing three years ago so I'd have a hobby to do with my father-in-law. You'll have a blast! My advice (that I haven't seen elsewhere on this thread): 1) Once you bottle it, the longer you leave in in the bottle before drinking the better it will be. When I made my first batch the directions said "Ready to drink in 2-6 weeks!" so I, of course, poured the first out the day it turned two weeks. And it was terrible and I was crushed. Then I thought "What the hell?" six weeks later and tried another one and it was delicious! I leave mine in the bottle a minumum of two months. 2) If you are making a fruit beer (I have a blackberry wheat ale in the secondary now) add the fruit to the secondary fermenation instead of the boil or the primary for a more subtle, less in-your-face flavor. 3) Buying a couple dozen flip top "Grolsch" style bottle is a nice way to avoid having to use bottle caps. Just make sure (beating the dead horse here) to sanitized everything, especially the rubber gaskets for the flip tops.
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Jul 11, 2011