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Bob Topping
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I was just able to give a thumbs up to a You Tube video. Ironically, it was the one you posted from yesterday, which I thought very awesome and touching. It seems to be only a smaller subset of users who are being affected by this. It would seem that Google may be taking a page from Facebook and rolling out "upgrades" like this to a small group at first then increasing over time. Of course if this is seen as an epic failure, as I truly hope it will be, they can pull it back without too many people being affected firsthandedly. (Is that a word?)
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Thanks very much! When the Evil Topping Empire is established, you will be shown mercy. :)
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It's been a blessing and a curse. I've had a lot of fun with it and a lot of commentary. But I've come to terms with it and I couldn't be prouder of being me.
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Wil - I understand your feelings when Ryan says things like that. My own son, Michael, who doesn't share my name, often makes little side comments about being a true Topping. And that makes me happier than I ever imagined. It's his desire to be a part of who I am and who my family is, making all of us greater than the sum of those parts. We also are working on increasing the world's population of Evil Toppings.
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I'm introducing my wife to Star Wars this weekend on the big screen, since she's never seen any of the movies. I'm not overly happy that she has to start with Eps 4,5, and 6 to see them all but the saving grace is that she gets to finish with the *good* ones. She's not a nerd or geek at all; she's gone through her life happily knowing not a whit about holodecks or the classic Kirk vs. Picard argument. When you first were on Big Bang Theory and I got all nerdy, she looked up and said, "He was in 'Stand By Me', wasn't he?" I honestly didn't know what to say, apart from "Yes, among other things." It's a long road, I know. But I'll get her there eventually. Until then, keep doing what you do so well. Often.
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I miss him a lot... Such soul. And that video is outstanding. Love Willie, too!
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Aug 10, 2010