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Mike – great post. It appears we are hearing a lot of the same things. This line really caught my attention “What I found interesting was that the nature of the calls were not driven by a marketing context but by concerns regarding risks (e.g., identity, security, compliance, reputation) and technology-related concerns regarding integration points between consumer sites and the enterprise (e.g., Facebook Connect)”. Managing risk for many companies, specifically those in regulated industries, is a requirement not just a nice to have. Companies engaging with social media that fail to comply with government policies face considerable fines. Companies outside of regulated industries might not have the legal issues to deal with but they are equally concerned with data leakage, brand protection, knowledge management and policy enforcement. The second part of your statement concerning integration is equally interesting. Today many companies are simply experimenting with these social sites by creating islands of activity. The next wave will be deep integration of social activity and business processes (and API access to the social networks is not enough). In both cases companies need to start employing “social middleware”. ReadWriteWeb recently had an article discussing the concept ( and even more recently added the adoption of Social Middleware as a 2010 prediction (
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Dec 28, 2009