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Mrs. Bodenhamer
Greater Houston Area
Well behaved women rarely make history
Interests: gardening, science, astronomy, music, camping, cooking
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Yes, that man next to me in the picture is my Captain on life's journey, my husband. Yes, he is sticking his tounge out. After several attempts for a "nice" picture of the two of us, this was the best one. Well at least I look good, he is funny and smart so he doesn't have to look good.It is a crazy time in our lives right now. I resigned from my job last year to follow my life long dream of becoming a teacher. Who could have guessed? It figures teachers all over our state are having to fight for their jobs. I am close to graduation and it looks bleak. On top of that one of our daughters is getting married in one month. CRAZY! It is the only word that can describe the things going on around here. Not only is our daughter getting married, she is moving to another state. Not even a state that borders Texas. It is really far. Too far. It is so far I am starting to get cold feet for her. Is that possible? I dont want my baby to move across the world (or it seems) because she is "in love". I am hating this feeling of seperation that is already filing in the space between us. As she is looking to her future and moving on it seems as though she is all but moved out. When my oldest daughter was married it wasn't difficult. She is close and his family is nearby so they will likely stay in the area. Her husband is in the Army though and he is overseas. She works and has her own life but she is close and that proximity gives me comfort. Two married girls, one to go. Our youngest starts college this summer. It won't be long before she and Mr. Perfect find each other. Then what? My girls will be all grown up and gone. It really is truethat your children grow up before you realize it. All of this makes me cry. I cry over coffee commercials. I cry when I see the commercial where the dad is talking to the little girl in the car and then when the camera cuts back to her she is grown. I still see my daughters through mom glasses. I see babies and toddlers and first graders. Then when I blink there they are beautiful, grown women. Continue reading
Posted May 4, 2011 at Adventures in Motherland
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May 4, 2011
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