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Albert Bogert
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Manny, congratulations not only on writing an interesting and accurate article but, most importantly, on having the stones to say what has to be said. If Donna Shalala want UM to be the Duke of SE Florida, that would be an admirable undertaking. However, strating today she needs to let a legion of UM football fans know that academics and not athletics are the primary focus. Randy Shannon, though an improvement over Coker, has overseen talented but undisciplined football teams in his time at UM. Additionally, your points about the inability to win big games are right on. The Canes used ti be known not only for winning the big ones but also , and especially, the big ones at home. Lets stop the political correctness that has seemingly gripped those who judge a good performance throughout our country and evaluate Shannon based on his book of work. The GPA for football players may be increasing, but Randy and his staff are C- as of now.
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Oct 11, 2010