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Josh Bokaie
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That's so awesome, and it shows just what kind of parents you've been to him. I wish the very best for Ryan.
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That's hilarious, and really, really cool! If Sheldon Cooper had a cat, it would be this one.
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These gifts are so cool! I had to look twice at that picture, as I thought it was you, lol. I must say, though, I still think Sheldon won out with his signed Leonard Nimoy gift napkin from Penny. ;-) Happy new year to you and your family. Thanks for all of your great posts last year, as well as your awesome books. I've read your blog since early 2005(7 years!), and I look forward to reading each day. Best always. -Josh
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I've been an animal lover all of my life. On our darkest days, they bring out the good. You and Anne are such wonderful people to do what you do for these awesome cats and dogs. Seamus is a beautiful dog! He reminds me of a dog I found a home for...I named her Bounce because she jumped up and down all the time...she looked like she was on a trampoline when she was in a cage. I've worked as a Vet Tech for 7 years, and have seen so many rescue pets come through....knowing they get a 2nd chance to life is the best feeling. How lucky your animals have such great owners like you and Anne. I will definitely donate! I wish you both all the best in the Wiggle Waggle Walk!!! Wish I could do it, too! -Josh
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Sep 20, 2011
So glad you're going back to Big Bang. Besides Sheldon, I think you make that show. You guys hit it off so good together. Congrats on all of your upcoming shows, etc.
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This is why you remain in my top favorite list of people. You could easily be all the above with the fan following, fame and whatnot, but you, through all of your success over the years, have remained ground level to all the people who love you. I remember in "Stand By Me" when you told Chris "You can do anything you want"...I think you've done a lot of dreams in life, and yet you still act human to everyone and treat others with respect. You're definitely one of my inspirations in life.
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I started reading your blog in late 2004. I was searching for Stand By Me's Wil Wheaton when I found your blog. I've stayed with you ever since, have read your books, and am a fan of yours for life. One of my dreams is to meet you in person one day....and also for you to become a regular on Big Bang :) You make all of your fans feel more like friends of yours than just a fan. You actually care about people, which most famous names don't, it seems. I hope you'll always continue your blog. I always read.
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I have enjoyed reading your blogs almost daily since early 2005. Unlike other celebrities, you actually respond and make your fans feel like old friends rather than strangers. I am on your blog way more than Twitter, Facebook, etc. I look forward to it everyday. Whatever you decide, we back you up, just know, we all love what you write and talk about, and if you do go, you will be greatly missed.
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In this day and age when when all one seems to hear is the bad things going on in with all the actors, it's a nice turn when I read stuff like you have just written here. How great that all of you guys are as close off as you are on set. I remember you saying the same when you worked on The Big Bang. You have that kind of personality that immediately attracts people to you. Thanks for always giving us these great updates of yours. I wish you the best on your show. :)
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Apr 8, 2011