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Jean-Pierre Bonaposta
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I suspect there is a physical conditioning problem... The entire team fades away as the season progresses. Early in the games the players are almost lethargic with the opponents so much more explosive. With the wear of the game it seems to be better, so endurance seems ok.
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Well... give me the numbers of the first nine games of... Eli Manning...
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Hey! Belgian Fish Fan! I'm JPBelgianPhin! Who are you bro? Seems I have a sibling here in Belgium! Come and join Dolphin Shout!
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Oh yeah, Mr Salguero. You neeeeeed great receivers, yeah. You're talking about Duper and Clayton in Dan Marino's days... Clayton? Mark Clayton? The one who was drafted in the EIGHTH round???
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OK, he didn't win a SB... "adjczar" tells us, rightfully, that he was always fun to watch. It reminds me of the words of Sócrates Brasileiro Sampaio de Souza Vieira de Oliveira (aka Socrates, famous brazilian soccer player who didn't win a WorldCup and died recently) He said : "you shouldn't play to win, but to be remembered" Jason Taylor'll be remembered because he was always "fun to watch" And lots of SB winners are going to be forgotten fast, very fast.
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From Belgium. From a dolphan. I fully understand what you say, Armando. You' re a good guy, so is Tony. You're a good reporter. Very good, with a soul, a gentleman. Tony as to go, one day or another. With style. Nothing to cheer about. That's life and let's hope for a bright future for you, the Dolphins and Tony. Hat's off for you.
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Mar 23, 2010