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Boni Faz
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Well I think that's in the very nature of Twitter, isn't it? When your message is limited to 140 characters, you cannot give a full explanation about what you actually refer to, which might trigger wrong understanding. Even though what you experienced can very well be annoying, I think there is also a positive aspect about it: Obviously, there are plenty of people out there who respond to what you say. If a particular message (or even more of them) trigger faulty responses, maybe simply the context was not process-able and understandable for others? I do agree with you that asking good questions help. Again, I strongly feel Twitter is about guessing what somebody might have meant. I'm fairly certain that the vast majority of the messages you get build on some assumptions, and I hope that most of them are meaningful to you. Would you prefer to get some questions in the style of "...and what exactly did you mean with that ...?" all the time? Finally, I summarized my thoughts on a similar topic a while ago on my blog:
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Hi Jurgen, just recently got your book. My major thoughts are written in the following review; however, just for the records also once again here: Inspiring and thought-provoking! Regards
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Jeff, let me tell you that I'm once again surprised about the fact that pretty much everything you put on your blog inspires me and raises my thirst for improving myself and the work I'm doing. Thank you very much.
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