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Living the good life near Zion National Park.
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Craig: My cousins moved to the south around the same time you did ... so you might call this a new southern recipe ... or a transplanted yankee recipe. In our family we call it Chuck Chicken. Anyway ... my cousin was young, and learning to cook, and trying to make something for her husband for dinner that was both new, and combined the flavors she knew he liked. What she came up with was southern fried chicken, coated in a sauce made of honey with tons of (mild) curry powder, and a few other things. It's out of this world ... and probably fair competition for ChocoChicken in the weirdness category. P.S for John Henry: it was probably chicken with mole sauce that you had. It was rare 25 years ago, but it's probably fairly common now. I had it on enchiladas last weekend at a restaurant in rural Utah.
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I don't know much about that, and I'm not sure I could track it down. When I put that post together, I was looking at standard news sites, plus some sites that translate Chinese tweet sites. But I didn't keep track of those: that post was really to clue in my students about what was going on, and I didn't want to overload them with links. I think everyone has backed off on it being a coup. However, there were military vehicles spotted on the streets, and there are pictures online of this. The story I have heard is that there were people in the upper echelons of the government in Beijing who were scared for their own safety. Not sure if they were pro-Bo or anti-Bo. But someone got a limited amount of military people out on the major streets and at the major intersections. Bret Stephens also mentioned in his piece last week in The Wall Street Journal that a major re-education campaign has been instituted in the Chinese military over the last few weeks. No one is sure what to make of that, but I take it as a sign that they may have lined up too closely with one clique or the other, and that party is trying to reassert control. Perhaps the best evidence of any of this, and one I haven't posted about because I just don't know the details, is that Zhou Yongkang appears to be out too. He is # 9 on the Standing Committee, and controls public security. How did he screw up, if not by abusing his position in control of security? BTW: The Epoch Times is a good way to keep on top of this stuff. Keep in mind that it is anti-government.
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There are some people who don't like the color scheme. Sorry about that. Of course, you can always use an RSS feeder to view my blog. Also, most browsers have options that allow you to suppress the color scheme of a site and substitute your own. The reason for the color scheme is that I go way back on the web. At that time there was a movement to make webpages more accessible to those that are color blind. The best color choices for that are black on white, and white/yellow on blue/purple. This is why WordPerfect was white on blue back in the 90s. The reason for not using black on white is that it's harder on the eyes ... light on dark is easier for extended viewing.
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