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Living the good life near Zion National Park.
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Craig: My cousins moved to the south around the same time you did ... so you might call this a new southern recipe ... or a transplanted yankee recipe. In our family we call it Chuck Chicken. Anyway ... my cousin was young, and learning to cook, and trying to make something for her husband for dinner that was both new, and combined the flavors she knew he liked. What she came up with was southern fried chicken, coated in a sauce made of honey with tons of (mild) curry powder, and a few other things. It's out of this world ... and probably fair competition for ChocoChicken in the weirdness category. P.S for John Henry: it was probably chicken with mole sauce that you had. It was rare 25 years ago, but it's probably fairly common now. I had it on enchiladas last weekend at a restaurant in rural Utah.
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