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I suspect that this isn't about advertiser bias - I Science and Nature (and many other journals) do, in fact, accept advertising, and have for as long as I can remember. Within the last few years, I've seen more and more ads in the table of contents email alerts, not just on the website or in the print journal. Professional scientist frustration with paywalls (and other limitations) from journals drove the establishment of the Public Library of Science - a series of open access journals. In the years since PLoS started up, I've seen journals like Science offer much more in the way of immediate public access to news stories (like this one) as well as primary research papers. Clearly, though, not enough!
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So much this! And a very literal thanks for the hope, Wil: I was just another fan who stopped by your table, but you took the time to chat. I was feeling like I'd never finish grad school, and you told me you were sure I'd get it done. Reading JAG moved me to tears because it resonated so strongly with where I was, and having you say something encouraging...well, I knew you Got It, and it was definitely a moment that I held onto. A year later, I have a shiny PhD that's a pretty good shield against The Voice Of Self Doubt. I'm delighted that the same year has seen you enjoy your well-deserved success! So thanks for being you and being willing to share that with us all, and keep on rocking!
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May 25, 2010