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Please stop by the Game Crafter booth (#2041) to try out my brother's game, Battle!. He designed it when he was 10 and has been revising it ever since (he's now 24). It actually won the Game Design Contest at Geekway to the West. He'll be manning the booth 10-2 on Saturday, which I know conflicts at least partially with your schedule. But it's a great game, and I think you'd enjoy it. I'm actually going this year just to meet you! This will be my very first Con. Ever. Eeeh, boy.
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Props to Loading Ready Run for the sweet Threadless tees.
Toggle Commented Jan 8, 2009 on wil does the commodore hustle at WWdN: In Exile
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So now that you're feeling better, are you doing any comedy/improv shows or readings next week? I'll be in L.A. for the first time ever, and while I'd love to meet, say, Joey Lawrence or Vin Diesel, I'd much rather get a chance to meet you.
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