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Joe Mesics was my friend. I cried when he died. I badgered him into coming to that wine library event that he walked out on. Joe gave good weight. He is one of the honored dead in my prayers each morning. Given that, I think he got a kick out of you, Alice. Both your presumption and your discourtesy provoked him. Joe's favorite authors were Lawrence Sterne and Thomas Mann. He also really liked a novelist who captured aerial combat in Korea, whose name escapes me. At his funeral, a guy from Dartmouth, who had been on the football team with him, in 1951 or so, talked about after game escapades in the New Hapshire and getting braced by loggers. Joe, according to his teammate, flattened the foreman of these local yokel tough guys and faced the rest of them down with grin. He was the real deal. My jury's still out on you, but you seem to have the right moves.
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May 11, 2012