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Bo Sorensen
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For developing with Delphi i also wanted to use three monitors, but the old graphics card would only support two. So i chose the Radeon 5770, paired with the Apple Active Adapter ( . All well and good except for one thing. Apple has chosen to use Mini DisplayPort, but the Radeon 5770 only uses the normal size DisplayPort interface. After searching around the net for an adapter, i finally came across this one: When it arrived i was a little worried if it would work or not, but after plugging it in, it has been working flawlessly ever since. One minor issue is that the monitor connected with the Apple adapter, sometimes needs to be turned off and on, to pick up the signal from the computer. Another option would be the active adapter from Dell, that will do the same without the extra adapter, but where is the challenge in that :o)
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2010 on Three Monitors For Every User at Coding Horror
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Mar 25, 2010