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I'm often somewhat self-aware in dreams (not quite lucid dreaming) and my most common observation is: who writes this stuff? The writers need to be fired, seriously. If there's no limits to dreams, and you can do whatever you can imagine, why am I stuck in traffic running from zombies? Where's the Italian supermodels? I don't mind that there's other people living in my head, I just wish they'd pull their weight.
We did air raid drills when I was a kid in the 60s. I didn't feel any less innocent. But hey, everyone is different.
I recently bought a new (used) car. It occurred to me to add up all the money I've spent on cars in my whole life. At age 57, I still haven't broken the $40K barrier. Maybe the next one I buy won't have a steering wheel.
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It's all about the annalemma, that figure eight thing in the Pacific Ocean on some globes.
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Oh, now I have to get one of these things. Its your fault! Have you tried stacking images in Registax or something similar?
Can someone clearly state Darwin's contribution in a few sentences? What did he do that hadn't been done before? I'm not being facetious. As far as I know, the notion of biological change over time had been around for a while, as well as natural selection. Was he just the first to wrap it all up in one package?
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Posted Nov 18, 2009 at Bourquek's blog
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Nov 18, 2009