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Ah, those were the days. Thanks for the story, it really took me back in time. My first hack was in 9th grade in 1975. It was the first year our school had a computer class. We would use one of those teleprinters (a desk looking contraption with a keyboard and a box of formfeed paper under it on which it printed). The teleprinter was connected to the school districts mainframe. It was on this that we would write our BASIC language programs for class. I soon realized that since we had to log into the system with a school ID and a password, I could start guessing how to log into other school's storage areas. Since our school's password was some kind of fish (I can't remember exactly what now), I would try random ID's, like one number off from our school's ID, and then different types of fish for the password. It didn't take long before I was in and could view some other school's student BASIC programs. And not only could I view their programs, but I could edit them too. I was an evil child, and would rewrite student's programming assignments. Sometimes I'd just add a bunch of PRINT statements which would print out a bunch of expletives. And sometime's I would do other dastardly things like disable the BREAK key and then do page advances in an endless loop. Imagining some poor kid showing his program to his teacher and having it call the teacher a bunch of bad words or shooting paper out like crazy while trying to frantically stop the program. I know, not cool, but I still smile a little when I think of it. Good times, good times.
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