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Back during 3.5, I was running a pre-writ adventure from Eberron. I had 3 players, a Half-Giant Monk, a Halfling Rogue, and a Warforged Paladin. They walked into a trapped room, where the rogue proceeded to search for traps. After finding none, the rogue and monk began further searches for secret doors, etc. The Warforged went to a pedestal in the center of the room and pulled open a drawer he found in the pedestal, which triggered a pit trap. The Warforged failed his reflex save and fell. The Half-Giant player became so enraged by the stupidity of triggering the trap, that we spent over an hour debating whether or not this 5 year old machine from the Last War would know better than to pull open a drawer on a pedestal. Finally, I ended the debate with "The DM has spoken" and threatening 5d20 of damage to any player who continued arguing. Naturally, the group fell apart shortly thereafter.
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Jun 21, 2010