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Don't even bother reading any further until you've verified that your ISP has correctly configured the reverse PTR record for the server that will be sending email. Do mail servers configured to check PTR records actually black hole email, or do they just refuse to accept it? In my opinion an MTA either accepts an email and then does its best to deliver it, or it doesn't accept the email and produces an error message. Anything less is heinously out of spec.
This post basically boils down to "If you're going to programatically plug into a global message sending service, there are some hoops you have to jump through to ensure that you're not sending a torrent of sewage." But this isn't a coding problem. This is an infrastructure problem. And like most such problems, you push it off to someone else. 4/5 times your upstream ISP will have a mechanism for your network to push mail to theirs (without all these hoops) so that they become responsible for all the extra work involved in sending email. In that 5th case where they don't, there are some pretty cheap providers who will allow you to send mail to them for a small annual fee. Then your infrastructure barrier reduces to learning to set up postfix or sendmail or whatever to use a smarthost for all outbound email.
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Apr 21, 2010