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J. Bradford DeLong
Berkeley, CA
J. Bradford DeLong is an economist teaching at the University of California at Berkeley.
Interests: history, economic history, information age, political economy, grand strategy, international relations, material culture., information technology, economics
Recent Activity
**All-len-All**: _[Congress Establishes the National Park Service][]_: >By 1916, the Interior Department was responsible for 14 national parks and 21 national monuments but had no organization to manage them. Interior secretaries had asked the Army to detail troops to Yellowstone and the California parks for this purpose. There military engineers... Continue reading
**Must-Read: Ruixue Jia** (2014): _[The Legacies of Forced Freedom: China's Treaty Ports][]_: >This paper investigates the long-run development of China's treaty ports from the mid-eighteenth century until today. Focusing on a sample of prefectures on the coast or on the Yangtze River, I document the dynamic development paths of treaty... Continue reading
**Comment of the Day: Altoid**: _[Weekend Reading: Matthew Yglesias: Donald Trump a Media Celebrity, Not a Real Businessman][]_: >And, in the same way that Newt Gingrich is said to be a stupid person's idea of what a smart person sounds like, Donald Trump is a naive person's idea of what... Continue reading
**Live from BushLand:** Does Colin Powell want to have a reputation? Did Colin Powell suggest that Hillary Clinton should use her private email account as Secretary of State? Yes. Did he remember so advising her? Yes. Does he remember that now? He claims not to... **Joe Conason**: _[Did Colin Powell... Continue reading
**Must-Read:** Mark Thoma looks back and marvels at his naivete with respect to macroeconomic policy: **Mark Thoma**: _[Why We Need a Fiscal Policy Commission][]_: >During the Great Recession, monetary policymakers were aggressive and creative.... [Why We Need a Fiscal Policy Commission]: >I wish they had been even more aggressive....... Continue reading
**George Washington**: _[General Orders][]_: [General Orders]: >Parole Framingham—C. Signs Fez—France. >Brigade returns of all the horses in each Regiment and by whom kept to be made out immediately and delivered in to the orderly Office by 12 ôClock tomorrow. >The honorable the Congress have been pleased to agree to... Continue reading
**Eleanor Roosevelt**: _[My Day][]_: [My Day]: >NEW YORK, Thursday--None of us can help being worried and indignant over the shooting down of two of our unarmed transport planes which had wandered over the Yugoslav border. Conceding that there may be some hidden reason why our planes are forbidden to... Continue reading
**Wikipedia**: _[Battle of Rhode Island][]_: [Battle of Rhode Island]: >Since d'Estaing's fleet outnumbered Howe's, the French admiral, fearful that Howe would be further reinforced and eventually gain a numerical advantage, reboarded the French troops, and sailed out to do battle with Howe on August 10. As the two fleets... Continue reading
**George C. Marshall**: _[To Colonel Marshall S. Carter][]_: >August 21, 1946 Radio No. GOLD 1360. [Nanking, China] >Secret, Eyes Alone >Reference your WAR-97857.1 My view is as follows: situation critical in the extreme, small prospect for early termination of hostilities agreement—therefore likelihood great of spread of fighting into Jehol Province... Continue reading
**Live from Trumpland: Josh Marshall**: _[Turtles and BS All The Way Down][]_: >The Trump camp, trying to right its ship, has now found itself either embracing President Obama's deportation policy or claiming that they're now just starting to deciding what their policy should be... [Turtles and BS All The Way... Continue reading
**Over at [Equitable Growth]( Must-Reads:** * **Kavya Vaghul**: _[A fresh look at the wage gap on African American women’s Equal Pay Day - Equitable Growth][]_ * **Kavya Vaghul et al.**: _[Interactive: Comparing wages within and across demographic groups in the United States - Equitable Growth][]_ * **Heather Boushey**: _[U.S. economic... Continue reading
**Must-Read:** Ummm... Maury... What's going on in there? **Brad Setser**: _[IMF Cannot Quit Fiscal Consolidation (in Asian Surplus Countries)][]_: >In theory, the IMF now wants current account surplus countries to rely more heavily on fiscal stimulus and less on monetary stimulus... [IMF Cannot Quit Fiscal Consolidation (in Asian Surplus Countries)]:... Continue reading
**Must-Read:** Stanley Fischer is off message. The right message for Stanley Fischer to be saying right now is not: "We are close to our targets... within hailing distance..." The right message is: 1. We are deeply disappointed in our failure to hit our inflation target over the past five years.... Continue reading
**Must-Read: Suresh Naidu and Noam Yuchtman**: _[Lessons on inequality, labour markets, and conflict from the Gilded Age][]_: >A key feature of successful strikes was the ability of incumbent employees to prevent the use of replacement workers, via persuasion, pickets, or violence... [Lessons on inequality, labour markets, and conflict from the... Continue reading
**[Over at Equitable Growth][1]:** I want to say that people like Global Head of Credit Products Strategy at Citigroup Matt King are simply not thinking clearly. The macroeconomic regularities that seem obvious to me simply are not there to him. What he ought to be saying is: 1. Mammoth safe... Continue reading
**Alexandra Scaggs**: _[There’s No Yield, and Citi Isn’t Going to Take It Anymore][]_: >Citi’s Matt King has some harsh words for central bankers... [There’s No Yield, and Citi Isn’t Going to Take It Anymore]: >...echoes a group of fund managers who say central banks’ stimulus efforts are distorting the... Continue reading
**Live from the Banks of the Missouri**: Thursday, October 13, 2016: _[2016 Kansas Economic Policy Conference][]_: Reimagining Kansas: Policy Implications Now and in the Future: * 8:30: Registration, Coffee & More * 9:00: Welcome: Bernadette Gray-Little, Chancellor, The University of Kansas., * 9:10: Introduction - Kansas: Then and Now 1890-2015... Continue reading
**Live from the Journamalists' Self-Made Gehenna**: The _Washington Post_ really should simply stop pretending to be a newspaper: Access is being able to reach HRC/inner circle. Emails clearly show this. Every example shows access.— Scott Wilson (@PostScottWilson) August 23, 2016 What do Scott Wilson and the rest of the... Continue reading
**Live from Trumpland**: I fear for my country when I reflect that Mitt Romney was *so* much less ridiculous as a candidate for president than is Donald Trump, and yet there polls are in the same range: _[Sam Wang][]_: [Sam Wang]: 2012: 2016: Continue reading
**Must-Read: Seth Lloyd**: _[Quantum Computer Reality][]_: >The 15th-century Renaissance was triggered by a flood of new information which changed how people thought about everything... [Quantum Computer Reality]: >The same thing is happening now. All of us have had to shift, just in the last couple decades, from hungry hunters... Continue reading
* 2006-08-22: _[The Blue Car Is the Red Car][]_: Once upon a time we had a red car--a red two-door 1987 Acura Integra without air conditioning that we bought in the spring of 1988. We called it "the red car." After thirteen years we replaced it with a blue four-door... Continue reading
**Mike Sax**: _[Colin Powell Protests too Much][]_: >It's amazing what he doesn't remember now that he did remember two months ago. He was very happy to kick Hillary in the teeth over the weekend. Of course, [Chris Cillizza was very happy to write about it][]. It's about the only thing... Continue reading
**Must-Read: Henry Aaron**: _[How to Rescue Obamacare as Insurers Drop Out][]_: >There is a good fix for much of this problem... [How to Rescue Obamacare as Insurers Drop Out]: >From the day it opened its doors, the D.C. Health Exchange has required that all individual insurance policies be purchased... Continue reading
**Live from Trumpland: Betsy Woodruff**: _[Trump Tells Virginia Town It’s Failing, Cites the Wrong Place][]_: >Loudoun is the richest county in America... replete with defense contractors, engineers, and rocket scientists. And it’s recession-proof... [Trump Tells Virginia Town It’s Failing, Cites the Wrong Place]: >But Trump seems to think it’s... Continue reading
**[Over at Equitable Growth][1]**: It was 24 years ago this week that [Larry Summers and I warned][] that if we were to push the target inflation rate much below roughly 5%/year, then, in the [immortal words of Dr Suess's][] [the Fish in the Pot][]: >"Do I like this? Oh, no,... Continue reading