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--Since we can't be heard among the din of the "other" threads, let me just say how entertaining the vociferous supporters of "that candidate" are and how unreasonable their rhetoric.
Toggle Commented Aug 20, 2011 on Weeks in review at Change of Subject
DaveB The great thing about a democratically elected republic is the the low threshold for participation. It's bad enough so few people vote. Erecting barriers to voting seems rather perverse, doesn't it? Particularly when those people are citizens and presumably stakeholders in this country's present and future. Plus who has more to gain or lose from government? I submit it is the lower socio-economic group. That group would also be more likely to have trouble with their basics civics tests. Sure - not much to lose when you're already living in rat-infested government-subsidized housing...but don't the better off have an obligation to lift those people up or at least give them a chance at human decency? Why do some elements of our fine republic want to perpetuate a violent underclass of society? I see no merit and much danger in the notion that great grandma lived at Cabrini, etc until mom was kicked out when the projects were torn down and moved to Maywood with her kids now living on the streets with no hope. Couldn't they at least be given the chance to vote for the people claiming to represent them in our government? Why push them down and then proceed to grind them into infinitesimal grains of dust? If you want to see how hard an enemy can fight, just corner him - give him no chance of escape.
Anyone suggesting a primary challenge to an incumbent Obama reminds me of barely suppressed liberal glee at the prospect of a Sarah Palin emerging victorious from a Republican primary. Give me your poorly educated, your unelectable... As a swing voter, I'd rather have the legitimate contest of '08 between McCain and Obama than a '12 contest between Bachman or Palin and Obama. And what sunk McCain for me was Palin. I would have actually considered him otherwise.
Toggle Commented Aug 8, 2011 on Obama's arc at Change of Subject
Whet Moser: Meeks did run and bowed out after making what amounted to racially inflamatory remarks about minority set aside programs applying only to African Americans. He knows exactly what he needs to say to his base, but showed that he either doesn't know how to speak to the larger community or doesn't understand that there is a larger community. I'm not saying he was a worse choice than Davis or Brown, but he sunk his own ship. And I don't think the African American politicaly leadership is in flux. Its problem is that it's not fluxing - nothing has changed in 20, 30 years. No one is stepping up. If not the 3 that tried to run, who had the heft to capture the job? Clearly not Walls or Watkins based on the current voter tallies.
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Feb 22, 2011