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Thanks for promoting my comment to a full post on your blog, Bill. You should have been in the room when we had our chat about this. It was, well, colourful. :) I'll show this to my #tokafe11 class next week. You've gone a long way to helping me show my students what it means to be online. A big thanks! Brad
Mr. Chips, I hear your concern and think you're right...partly. There is a time in our students' lives where they do need us to helpt them protect their identities. We have a duty of care that insists on that. But that same duty of care also insists that we need to prepare our older students to work online--as themselves. Any student with a smartphone has wide open access to the web and in Canada, public libraries must also keep an open connection--they're not allowed to block sites. It's naive to think that by creating pseudonyms in school I am securing what they do out of school on their own Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, accounts. My only option as an adult--indeed my obligation--is to coach them, not control them. Indeed, if we turn our students out at graduation without having spent time guiding them online in real situations, then we have done them a disservice. The analogy, I suppose, would be to have them read books about driving a car and then to hand them a set of keys when they receive their diplomas. That would be foolish, I'm sure you agree. But even if they were to try to remain anonymous, they would have no control over what other people post about them. The only possible way to manage your reputation online is to build it yourself. For this reason, I don't like the terms "digital tattoo" or "digital footprint"--they're too passive and talk about what you leave behind. Instead, we talk about the "Brand of Me" and coach our kids on proactively managing their online identity and on becoming good digital citizens, for the reasons Will Richardson talks about. We take this very seriously at Mulgrave. Our seniors can fly as unaccompanied minors to anywhere on the globe at this age; we need to make sure they can do the same, so to speak, safely online. As Lucy points out above--with the courage and conviction of using her real name, I'll point out--the students feel they are getting good guidance and role modelling here. I've gathered some of the students' Twitter posts in Storify so you can get their views: All the best, Brad
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Hi all, This post was passed on to me by my good friend Chris Corrigan. Thi is just what we're after at We came to this same conclusion, more or less, some time ago. We also decided that reform was something like trying to rennovate the Cistine Chapel; you can only do so much. So, we wiped everything off the table--including the school building itself--and started from scratch Part of our mandate is to create just such a (global) program that reinvorates ideas like hope and agency and adventure. We'll be sharing everything we find.
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