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Incredible ignorance, come on people, you have the internet, if going to school is too hard or attending meetings and events on the issues is too difficult at least try to do some studying and try to figure out the concept at hand; what happens is too many skim the headline then use their imagination to fill in the details. Newt wants to be president, not just "the nominee so he can increase book sales". The president is a decision maker who has experts around him (not her) who focus on details. Newt is a decision maker and is well connected within the GOP, he can do a great job as president. Newt has spent years working with experts to solve problems that America faces, for this, we need Newt now. If God forbid that Romney got the nomination, I tell everyone to write in Ron Paul, and hope Ron Paul will jump to independent or do what it takes to be on the ballot. Right now its Newt's turn. Clearly Rick Santorum has the potential and may be the GOP pick in the future.
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The Democrats fear Newt by far more than Romney, they now see how America is going for Newt over Romney and this is a train they cannot stop. Hence Nancy Pelosi once again showing her cards saying that she will not let Newt be president by casting a veiled threat at the former Speaker of the House. Not long ago Pelosi said she wants the GOP to pick Romney, because obviously once the dirt comes out about the cult Romney belongs to, Americans will reject the LDS candidate like the plague. But with Newt rising in the polls, and having ALL OF THE DIRT against Newt having been used in the public square, Newt can debate his way to victory. Santorum and Ron Paul could also probably win because they are the NOT-Obama candidate; but the left has documentaries lined up on people like Warren Jeffs the infamous LDS cult leader. Those folks saying Newt is evil personnified? how would you know? what reference do you use? Newt or Santorum or Ron Paul can win. Romney cannot.
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So amazing the comments by some people who say they would not let Gingrich be president, they would vote for Obama? I wonder if this is a hard line Obama supporter kind of statement pretending to be thinking of the GOP vote, or someone who really hates Newt, albeit in extreme ignorance of the facts. Mitt Romney belongs to a cult that says he can earn his own planet and be a god over that planet if he stays loyal to the LDS. This is a fact not speculation. This means Romney is loyal to the president of the LDS cult and MUST do whatever that cult leader orders him to do, OR? he faces losing his future planet, godship status and in fact goes to hell. So the only person who could not take an oath of office as we humans know it, is Mitt Romney. He already belongs to a cult that can take away his planet, which is just like another religion that offers 72 virgins to the person who does the biggest thing for their cause. It violates our form of government to elect a person who already swore an oath to another man that can supercede and usurp any lesser oath, like the oath of office of president. It is not possible for Mitt Romney to be a Mormon while upholding his oath of office, faithfully. It would mean the actual president becomes the president of the LDS cult; and by the way, thats a cult that rejects the bible, rejects Christ while promoting the big lie, that its a kind of Christian religion. Marco Rubio probably knows some things about immigration issues, so Id like to know what he says specifically; the far fringe right says Newt is in favor of opening up the borders and giving amnesty to all illegals? which of course is a lie. But look at what happened to California, we had 2 GOP candidates, Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner who attacked each other on things like immigration, casting lies at the other side and we got Jerry Brown-D as Gov again.
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Jan 25, 2012