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There already is a standard word for this, it's "unsubscribe" and most good mailing list manager tools support it. Not everybody does of course, but it would take even longer to get "begone" to that level and you would have all the managers scrambling to add this word to their list, and annoyed at you. Not that it would work for me. I never give my real E-mail out to sites, so they always mail various aliases of mine. But the replies, with begone or unsubscribe come from the real address and they aren't smart enough to look at the message-id in the in-reply-to header and unsub me. Getting them to do that would be an even better goal.
Your points are valid, though you miss a lot of why many people will tolerate all the problems of SLRs. A larger sensor allows shallower depth of field, which is a must for certain types of photos. (It would be interesting to see if techniques could be developed to adequately simulate it. This should be doable on static shots but much arder on dynamic ones.) Larger sensors also produce much lower noise. That's why my full frame 5D can shoot at 3200 ISO with barely any noise, and can even do monitor-resolution shots at 12,500 ISO. I can shoot in a dimly lit room handheld. The other cameras can't and for now, this is a matter of physics. However, there is a possible solution for the future -- lenses with integrated sensors, and a "body" that is just a holder, screen, computer and storage device. No mirror, so TTL viewing is lost, but as you point out, the mirror has many downsides. You may want to read and comment on this issue here: