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Amazing how many people thing they know what happened here. You don't know and you will probably never know. Speculation piled on top of speculation. How about we all just remember the beauty of what they accomplished together and leave the he said, she said soap opera alone. I wish them both great success in the future.
This is a sad turn of events. Yuna's performance at the Olympics was my all time favorite, one of those rare moments of perfection that we rarely get to see. I loved she and Brian's connection. Would she have performed as well with another coach at her side? Very unlikely. I agree with Andrea that Yuna is probably in for a rude awakening taking on another coach. Chemistry is a delicate thing and the team of Yuna, Orser and Wilson was something special. Perhaps this is primarily a case of cultural misunderstanding, but it has been handled very poorly and taints both parties. Also very awkward for her to continue to train at the same club where he is the director of skating and coach to other athletes. They need to get it together and quickly, because this is the kind of thing that really turns people off and hurts reputations permanently.
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Aug 25, 2010